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  1. LocoCaco

    monster combination ideas?

    Spider Mastermind + Pinky Demon The average pile of brain goop, sans the metal chassis of course. Flops around and attacks the player with its stubby arms.
  2. LocoCaco

    So, I just did this [Nuts.wad on NM]

    Well, to be honest, I'm a bit of a moron.
  3. I beat nuts.wad on Nightmare. WITHOUT using the BFG or Plasma gun. Chaingun only and only two invulnerability spheres. I'm not saying that I'm the best Doomer ever, but I'd just like to share one of my greatest feats in the game. And yeah, I pretty much only used Archvile jumps.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/nMRALrZ.png I'm relatively new to Doom Builder, and .wads in general. I have one question (illustrated by the picture above): How do I create a transparent window/grate? For techie stuff: I'm currently editing in ZDoom - Doom in Hexen format. Any ideas?
  5. LocoCaco

    I am remaking the entire Doom II OST

    Fantastic stuff so far!
  6. I dragged DOOM.WAD to run with zdaemon.exe, but it launched Doom 2 with Doom textures, I guess.
  7. http://imgur.com/a/E77Nq#0 I tried to launch Doom 1 in ZDaemon and failed miserably. Barrels o' Fun looks like a terry map.
  8. LocoCaco

    Stuff that annoys you in the DOOM Community

    Preteens that only know about the game because of Brutal Doom that flood every crevice and crack of the community. Even better when they complain that "dis map dosnt work wit brootl doom!!" on 1995 wads.
  9. LocoCaco

    Doom 2 Map Order

    Ah. I see. Thanks.
  10. LocoCaco

    Doom 2 Map Order

    Shouldn't the City levels be first? At the end of Doom 1, Doomguy is clearly outside a city. Logically, this makes sense. Why would Doomguy be at a Starport when he wasn't far from the City? And there's more order confusion. Why does the City separate the Hellish Outpost and Hell levels? But enough of my whining, in my opinion, the map order should of been The City -> Starport -> Hellish Outpost -> Hell