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  1. -Jk-

    Quest for YouTube's FUNNIEST video

    Not insanely funny, but the return of the Numa guy is worth mentioning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gg5LOd_Zus
  2. -Jk-

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    of course. Who could live without it? ;)
  3. -Jk-

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    Only a desktop screenshot from me, since I don't have a digicam (or any other cam for that matter) to take a "workspace" pic with. http://upl.silentwhisper.net/uplfolders/upload1/desktop2.jpg
  4. I for one would pick a 15" monitor for DOS games, since that's what i'm used to (for playing DOS games...), and DOS games tend to look all odd and pixelated on bigger monitors :p
  5. Assholes. Anyone who enjoys killing _just for the fun of it_ should be fucking shot.
  6. I'll have to wait and see how S T A L K E R turns out. If that game turns out to suck, i'm all out of ideas :\
  7. -Jk-

    win2000 or winxp??

    thank god for that. Theme manager. meh.
  8. -Jk-

    Doom Monsters in C&C95

    Ah, Nyerguds made that thing, yes. I know the guy. :)
  9. -Jk-

    What other games do you play besides Doom?

    Let's see... Quake(world...) Quake II Starcraft Diablo II HL2 Unreal Tournament
  10. -Jk-

    What music do you listen to?

    Experimental Rock Psychedelic Rock Alternative Rock Art Rock Rock
  11. -Jk-


    Pariah looks straight out boring. I'm looking forward to S T A L K E R myself.
  12. -Jk-

    96 kb game?

    I still like Diablo II. That is some nice artwork.