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  1. Breezeep

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    That alien face for the status bar is such a nice touch. Makes me happy to see more people using AAtex.
  2. Just finished this set. Haven't played NG+ and I honestly have no intention of doing so but you still have the touch! I loved how you utilized boom's features to make some really cool and funny scenarios. Maps 2, 3 and 6 are my favorites in the set.
  3. Never thought I'd see you come back here. Welcome back!
  4. Breezeep

    SQUENCHED AVACAUSAGE [Boom, v0.3a, MAP01-09]

    I've played the entirety of the the beta a while back. This is by far the most unique and unusual wad I've played. If you're looking for some more feedback, I'd stop by at The Entryway discord and shamelessly advertise your work there.
  5. Breezeep

    Ancient Aliens Boom compatible

  6. Breezeep

    SQUENCHED AVACAUSAGE [Boom, v0.3a, MAP01-09]

    IMHO I would aim for something like 15 maps, from what I've played so far, there's a few lengthy maps in this set and I wouldn't want anything that burns the player out from the sheer girth of it.
  7. Breezeep

    SQUENCHED AVACAUSAGE [Boom, v0.3a, MAP01-09]

    Really nice looking shots! How many maps are you aiming for?
  8. Breezeep

    New Hub For Quake Mods!

    Really happy that site exists now. It's super beneficial for folks who don't want to have to join a discord server to find out about what the Q1 Community is up to nowadays.
  9. Breezeep


    Little FDA in video format, played in Eternity Engine, died once, found 3 secrets. Really good stuff all around! Difficulty felt just right here, the encounters here were pretty fun and not too punishing, my favorite bit being with the marble hallway with the revenants behind bars and an archvile that teleports onto a pillar. The visuals were solid too, with good texture use and lighting. Some nitpicks I have with this map is that this skylight should be raised a bit so that the texturing looks properly aligned, and this tele-pad should be moved into the wall, since I barely noticed the pad on the floor and that It kinda felt like I teleported by accident. All that aside, good job, Mike
  10. Breezeep

    Doomcute thread

    Some interior design from my unfinished Mayhem '22 map.
  11. Breezeep

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    That hand must be real wide to properly hold a gun like that.
  12. Since I'm the op, It's not possible to comment about a user. Post away.
  13. Breezeep

    Hardfest [Community Project]

    You can just post them in this thread.
  14. Breezeep

    Hardfest [Community Project]

    Link to the resource pack is broken.
  15. Breezeep

    What "other" sourceports do you frequently use?

    I started regularly using the Eternity Engine a while back for my casual dooming. I'd say it's got a decent middle ground between dsda doom and zdoom in terms of features and quality of life stuff. Plus I love software rendering.
  16. I hate to say this, but I'm dropping out this year for the sake of my sanity. I haven't been able to muster up the energy to work on something that I don't enjoy working on. best of luck to those who are still working on their maps.
  17. Breezeep

    Emerald Ambush (one small map for Doom II)

    Fun little map! Looks and plays great too! Found a few issues while playing it: This fence is supposed to be impassable. Sky transfer mishap. I've got a feeling that this green arrow texture was supposed to be animated. Must have been purged in SLADE's "remove unused textures" feature.
  18. Cool little set! Really liked the visual theme for these, especially with the first map's sky. I might steal that sometime. Also, I've noticed some midtextures bleeding through the ceiling here:
  19. I started mapping for HL2 with the Source SDK, though I never released anything for it. Most of my early efforts were simple rooms and corridors where I tested out features like scripted sequences, moving geometry and NPC Assaults. My most recent works with source are just me playing around with various themes, and some unfinished contest entries where I was very overambitious and had no idea what I was doing at the time. After that, I moved on to quake mapping. My first few maps for it were never finished, like this one. I wouldn't release a quake map until sometime in 2015. The only reason why I stopped mapping for quake was because I mainly contributed to the various jams that were hosted on func_msgboard and the Quake Mapping Discord, and I was getting burnt out from making stuff for both doom and quake. I've stuck to doom for the longest time because of how easy and straightforward it is to make levels for it, though I might try my hand at quake mapping again sometime in the future. You can find my quake stuff here.
  20. Requiem / Dystopia thingy coming along. Slowly but surely.
  21. Hot take: I doubt that the guys behind those wads are even around to care about their graphics being used in other people's stuff. D2ISO uses a bunch of textures from the Memento Mori series without any notable issues, so I personally think they're safe to use unless one of them comes back to doom to give their word on it.
  22. Breezeep

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

  23. Breezeep

    SQUENCHED AVACAUSAGE [Boom, v0.3a, MAP01-09]

    So apparently the conveyor bug affects DSDAdoom as well. I have a feeling that this wasn't tested thoroughly in a port that isn't gzdoom, although It could be because the voodoo dolls are all facing backwards and aren't triggering as intended.
  24. Breezeep

    SQUENCHED AVACAUSAGE [Boom, v0.3a, MAP01-09]

    Played through the rest of this in GZdoom and I just have to say that this is easily one of my favorite wads I've played so far! I really enjoyed how you used boom's features to create a bunch memorable sequences and moments, and the amount of creativity on display here is just staggering to say the least. I'm really looking forward to what comes next in this set!