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  1. Y2theJ

    Marital Status

    I'm married. Wouldn't have it any other way. Hey and Assmaster I like your picture from office space.
  2. Y2theJ

    Favorite Gun in DOOM

    me like the railgun, Heh heh heh heh.... seriously though the pump-action shotgun is very nice.
  3. Y2theJ

    Your Fave fighting game Characters

    Ken - street fighter (coz he's an arrogant bastard Paul - tekken (any version) Brian - tekken
  4. Y2theJ

    The Mancubus

    He says "I'm a fat man". dag nam it!
  5. Super Mario Cart (SNES) Street Fighter II (SNES) Alex Kid in Mirical World (Sega Master System II) Wonder Boy 3, The Dragons Trap (Sega Master System II) Would put doom there, except I was already playing video games before it was released.
  6. Y2theJ

    Your special movie...

    -Office Space -Lord of the Rings -The Blues Brothers -Monty Python (Life of Brian & Holy Grail) -Shang High noon -Zoolander -Lethal Weapons -Air America -Star Wars (all except for 'A Phantom Menace') These are in no order of priority.
  7. Y2theJ

    getting to know all (part 3)

    Name: Paul K. (Yes I am paraniod) AKK: Y2theJ (combination of a WWE wrestler and my limited imagination) Age: 23 Born in Mornington, Victoria, Australia. Now reside in Sydney. My job would be ok if i didn't have to work with so many freaking idiots (individuals) Married no kids though. few... Can't spell. Used to be vary active. Now though I play tennis once a week. Do a couple of run on the beach. sit-up , push ups . see ya's
  8. Y2theJ

    CPU speeds?

    p4 2.4
  9. Y2theJ

    Christmas Traditions.

    Yep. No body knows the day Jesus was born. Too many different calendars. But that's not so important I guess. Christmas did used to be a pagan’s special day or something I think, but the Christians changed it. As for traditions: Well I love Christmas I get some time with the people I love. My wife & her family, my family and some friends. Also being a complete bible believing Christian makes Christmas soooo much more enjoyable for me.
  10. Y2theJ

    worst 3 maps of the doom sires

    My least favourite levels are: Any level I can warp to on UV and finish without many problems. E3L7 Limbo is defiantly on of my favourite maps.
  11. Y2theJ

    What is your Favorite doom monster?

    Whatever I can find. I don't have favourites. I hate em all. That's why I shoot em. But then I shoot everything ….. walls, slime, doors, wombats, guns, stupid people.
  12. Y2theJ

    My Favorite Doom Memories...

    I was 15. My PC was a 486DX2. 4meg ram (I think, maybe 8. Had to push shift on start-up) 13" monitor. Keyboarder. VGA graphics. 2 of the smallest speakers in the history of mankind. And some how doom still rocked my world.
  13. Y2theJ

    How tall are you?

    I voted on this pole.
  14. Y2theJ

    Christmas = LIES!

    I've only kind of skimmed through this thread, so I might be mistaken. But... It seem like a lot of you guys are saying Christianity isn't true because people (Christians/non Christians) miss quote what they are reading in the bible. If you don't understand what I'm getting at, then climb back up your tree, eat a banana and be happy. Mhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaa!