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  1. Elaxter

    Brutal Doom v20 released

    I would not say that at all! Lol. Doom is the Doomiest Doom that ever Doomed. Nothing's going to replace the classic Doom feel. Brutal Doom is just an augmentation of Doom that, like many other gameplay mods, add layers that some like and others don't. I hope Doom 4 is "Doomier than Doom."
  2. Elaxter

    Brutal Doom v20 released

    Mark is a dick, sure, but he can make a good mod! v20 is cleaner, it runs better on my PC, it has more gore, it feels different when I play it, etc. etc. I like it. It's fun to play every once and a while because I like blowing things apart in video games. That's why I'm getting DOOM 4. It's gory and it's got Brutal DOOM elements - like it should. You can say what you want about Brutal DOOM spawning obnoxious fans and it having balancing issues, (v20 fixes a lot of stuff.) and Mark not giving credit, but he did make a good mod. I can't really play any gameplay changing mods that add things that aren't "Doomy" unless there's custom sprites and maps to accompany it - such as Action DOOM 2) Brutal DOOM is one of the best mods that stay "Doomy" but at the same time add a new layer that makes the game more fun for some people.
  3. I love this mod! It's so grim. It rivals Brutal Doom in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. I like Brutal Doom, but this is so refreshing because it's not over the top. Just add a crap ton of dying animations! Are there any megawads that you recommend playing with Doom Forever? I think it would go well with a dark castle theme.
  4. Elaxter

    Brutal Doom v20 released

    You people are acting like you're paying for it. Like it's mandatory to pay attention to it. I for one love BD whenever I want to slaughter things. Modern day FPSs don't seem to have the level of satisfaction that both Doom and Brutal Doom have. You guys are acting like a bunch of children over a 20-year-old game. Grow some fucking balls. So what if he claimed that his maps are better than the IWADs? It's kinda true, in a sense, seeing as they are 20 years old.
  5. Elaxter

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    There was a wad useful for DM where you were able to see other people's weapon sprites. What was it again?
  6. So I'm going to host a deathmatch server through Zandronum, and I'm going to use crouching. At the moment, the player just shrinks down. Is there a crouching wad that I can use?
  7. So I'm trying to host a Zandronum server, but it doesn't seem to work. I've forwarded 10666-10700 like the tutorial on the wiki said, but my server is one that doesn't pop up. I'm amusing it's a <NO RESPONSE> server. Any ideas?
  8. I believe people are somewhat jealous of Mark's work. I might be reaching, but then again some people are whiny bitches. Now you guys have something else to be jealous at: Total Choas: Overgrowth.
  9. Elaxter

    Doom 4 should have...

    Shit son, you just went full retard.
  10. Elaxter

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a TC wad that is set in a sci-fi future, featuring 9 new levels, news guns, new textures, new enemies (futuristic cops and such) and it is built for an open GL source port. Has a story. I believe it is on /idgames, but I'm not sure.
  11. Elaxter

    Doom IV Expectations

    Turns out, when DOOM IV releases, it's ridiculously awesome. Enough to make any DOOM fan's panties wet.
  12. Elaxter

    Question about Complevels on ZDOOM

    Eeyup. Sorry, it was kinda hard to form the words.
  13. For the complevels that some maps require, is there any conversion table of a sort that lets me know what complevel matches to the compatibility options that zdoom has?
  14. This looks amazing... All that can be said has been said already. I want to play this. Looking forward to it.
  15. Is there a mod out there for increased AI intelligence? Like how Brutal Doom's AI changes are. Hiding monsters, better pathfinding, etc.