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  1. Do you still exclusively only use Doom95?

  2. I dunno, I'm pretty sure someone has ported Doom to fire at this point.
  3. Post a picture of your favorite album cover!

    Well Enjay already did Weasels Ripped my Flesh. Also, on the subject of In The Court of the Crimson King (another of my top picks), the artist was a programmer and the only art he ever did was the stuff for that album. IIRC he died before or soon after the album was released. So now some personal picks... Overnite Sensation is probably the best album to start on if you're ever getting into Zappa and definitely one of his best. The cover is fun to look at because of all that's going on in the picture. This is the full spread of the art, not just the front cover, obviously. Sgt. Pepper's is a classic, of course. Again, there's a lot going on in this one, and its fun trying to identify all the historical figures they put in there. (Fun Fact: an early concept version had Hitler in it.) And here's Zappa again, taking the piss out of the Beatles with We're Only In It For the Money.
  4. The worst alcohol you have ever tried?

    That's why I said American. I prefer stouts and porters to even ales, though, so it probably still wouldn't be my thing.
  5. The worst alcohol you have ever tried?

    Personally, I love Gordon's. It's bottom-shelf vodka, but great for mixing. Anyway, it's hard for me to pin down the worst alcohol I've ever had, but Skittles Vodka has to be one of the worst, if that counts. Also, my friend recently bought a case of beer at Costco for $5 and it tasted like watered-down Pabst. Just...think about that for a minute. He made a "redneck screwdriver" with it, and it was about the most unpleasant cocktail I've ever had. Honestly, any kind of pilsner is pretty terrible, especially those made by big American companies.
  6. DW Roasts!

    We used to have this back in the day, it was called "Doomworld Jeopardy". Also, the DWForums WADs probably count as well.
  7. Gay marriage is legal nationwide in the US

    Feels good, man. I love this country, and I'm seeing a bright future ahead of us.
  8. What if Doom 4 Guy is Doom 4 Girl?

    Not sure if this was intentionally a troll thread of if you're just new to the Internet. At any rate, I'd love to play a female marine. Seems like fun. I usually play female characters when I get the chance, because it always seems more fun an interesting than playing a male. Probably because the first 20 years of my life I grew up playing mostly male characters in games (Jill of the Jungle being the sole exception I can think of).
  9. I've seen the video for the Station Nightclub Fire, it's pretty horrifying. Ironically, the video only exists because a local news station was doing a video about night club fire safety. Here's a map of the place and how many victims they found where: Basically everyone rushed to the main entrance and got stuck there, and died in a big pile. The door near the stage was apparently blocked off by bouncers because it was for band and staff only, even when the place was burning down (ironically, one of the band members of Great White also died in the fire). Also, the exits on the west side of the building were fairly hard to find, and no one was directing anyone there. So yeah...one hundreds deaths because nigh club owners are assholes looking to save a buck. I was once in a nightclub eerily similar to this one. They're notorious for overbooking their shows, letting about 3-5x the capacity into the building, and the fire marshal has come in to shut them down in the middle of shows on numerous occasions. The people at that night club are also huge dicks about letting people in. I had to show them a second ID because my perfectly legal driver's license "didn't look quite right" to them. Someone I was with had to miss the show because his license had expired. There was also at least one occasion where a fairly popular band was playing, one of their band members stepped out for a smoke, the owners wouldn't let them back in because they didn't have an ID on them, and the band had to cancel their show. So apparently those assholes would rather become the next big disaster waiting to happen that get fined for accidentally selling alcohol to a minor.
  10. The Gaming Confessional Booth

    I keep wanting to use the term "casual gamer" when it fits, but don't want to since it has become an insult. I keep using terms such as "non-enthusiast gamer" and stuff like that. For some reason, gaming keeps coming up in my college essays (go figure, I'm going for CS degrees) and I have a hard time differentiating between someone who wants to build a gaming rig and someone who is fine with a tablet for gaming without sounding insulting.
  11. So, how old are you ?

    Maybe, but you'd think they'd be in the same sort of mentality as gamers.
  12. Screenshot from DW in 1999

    I remember those designs. It wasn't until 2001 that I joined the forums, but I read the front page of Doomworld for a while before then.
  13. So, what did you REALLY expect of Doom 4?

    I meant the new Doom.
  14. No man's sky really big map

    Nah, it wasn't Elite. It was a freeware game that was more of an interesting project than anything. You could visit planets and name them and the game collected that information so that other people could run across your planets.
  15. The Gaming Confessional Booth

    I grew tired of FPSs a long time ago. The most recent one I played through was the first Half-life. The only others I've enjoyed since then were Half-Life 2, TF2, and the Portal series (if you even count Portal as an FPS). I just have no interest in the genre anymore. That being said, I still play through at least one or two episodes of Doom on an annual basis, and have played through Wolfenstein a couple times in the last decade. So there's that. Considering the posts above, and my previous confession, I guess I have to admit I like Valve's games. I never owned any consoles as a kid. As a result, I missed out on a lot of the "you're not a true gamer unless you've played" franchises. I haven't ever really played any games from the Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Sonic, or Mega Man franchises among others. I haven't actually played any PWADs in about a decade. I've only played about 40% of the games I own on Steam, and I've only beaten maybe 20% of any games I've ever played. I'm a bad gamer. To explain, I tend to get bored with games pretty easily, then go back to games I've already put hundreds of hours into. Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis, the Civ series, city builders, and the Sims series are ones I tend to come back to repeatedly. Oh yeah, BTW, I fucking love the Sims series. I've put thousands of hours into the first three games. There's something about home design, fashion and raising a family I kind of love. :3 The Sims games are basically my guilty gaming pleasure.