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  1. So today I woke up just like it was anyday. Boring as usual. The I remembered that the new A Perfect Circle album was out today, so I was like "Hey, why the Hell don't I just go and buy it?" So I took a shower, shaved, put on my boots and coat and went down into the garage. There I got on my bike and headed out. On my way across town, I ran into my mom who was driving by. Anyway, sooner or later I made it over to Wherehouse Music on the other side of the mall from where I live.

    By the time I got there, I was thirsty as Hell, so I went two doors over to the Barnes and Noble where they have a coffe bar (and inside the coffee bar, a miniature book store). My friend Lisa who works there was getting off work and was ordering herself something. As soon as she got it, she saw me and we chatted a bit. She told me to tell them to make me a butterscotch frappuccino because it was really good. And then she left and I did. They guy working the register was like "eh, butterscotch?" but the other guy was like "oh, you want what Lisa got?". And he showed the other guy that if you mix caramel and malt flavors, you get butterscotch (news to me as well). And so thats what I got. Marked on the cup was 'w Lisa Frap.' -- a whipped (meaning with whipped cream) Lisa Frappuccino!

    So yeah, I thanked the guys and sipped it as I walked over to Wherehouse. First I cleverly hid the Frappuccino under my coat next to my bike and went into Wherehouse. When I got there, I looked around for the CD. First I checked the new releases racks, but I didn't see it there so got a bit worried. Then I went over to the rock/pop section and found it under 'P'. Merrily I skipped over to the counter (okay, I walked, if I had skipped, I would have been shot) and waited there for someone to break away from their damned social long enough to sell me the CD. Finaly one guy sauntered over and we made the transaction. As he was running it up he said 'Would you also like an APC pin?'. Of course I replied in the affirmative and he reached into a manilla envelope and produced it. My button collection now stands at five! So yeah, I went back to my bike and put on my coat, pocketing the CD and pinning the button proudly to myself. Then I awkwardly made my way to the mall with the drink in one hand and the bike being leab by the other.

    On my way to the bike parking thing, I dropped the damn Frappuccino, spilling the remainder (half of it) all over the ground. "Ah crap!" I yelled as I bent over to pick it up. A guy walking by said "Ah, don't worry, you can get yourself another one". How little did he know he was wrong. That was a rare Lisa Frappuccino! :P Eventualy I parked my bike and went inside the mall and cleaned up. THen I wandered around, checked in Wizards to see if my friend Mark (also the boyfriend of Lisa) was working, but he wasn't. Then I walked back to the entrance where I parked and saw it was pouring down rain. So I just called my mom and had her pick me up, bike and all.

    Yeah, it was actualy I lot more fun than it sounded. I felt like I was radiating positive energy today or something. Maybe it was just the Frappuccino.

    1. Ralphis


      nice stories make blogs worth reading

    2. Julian


      Ralphis said:

      nice stories make blogs worth reading


    3. Danarchy


      Heh wait...was that sarcastic or not?