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  1. Heh...I was looking through my writing notebook, and I found this. It's not really a poem seeing as its just a bunch of random thoughts, but I dont really know what else to call it. Bear with the complete lack of punctuation:

    alone sitting the bed the heat the pain the thought grey the sky the trees the sun aside inside a lair a sanctum a place of lonely fear abandoned lost away forgotten shut up self maintained isolation opposite objective masochistic view a firey thought degradation of a mind power lost and put aside blast a hole through joyful musings thoughts of the damned anyway sweltering heat menacing darkness sleep that doesn't come the smell the fear the hoplessness of it all a mind to long in thinking destroys the body's structure pain a thought of violence insanity despair the cut the blood the shredding flesh a wincing agony tired music pours from speakers the olfactary offended by life's decay too much thinking lost rambling brain seeking truths that cannot be right/wrong sane/insane good/evil deat/life existance the question life the universe everything god a god the gods godess godless restraint a snap realityreturning its stench brings painful memories and it begins again

    Thank You

    1. zark


      That's really cool, I really like that. Really deep and meaningful. You should stick forty two in there somewhere :P

      Nah seriously it's really awesome.

    2. Danarchy


      Heh...I think one HHGTTG allusion is enough. :P

      Maybe I'll mix it up and turn it into song lyrics or something. Hmm...