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  1. Decided to change my avatar. This was actualy part of a webpage I made for the fun of it, but I was never able to upload it due to the fact that Freewebs is retarded. They don't really have the equipment neccesary for uploding...webpages.

    Hmm...I forgot that the thumbnails were 32x32, not 36x36. I might make a bigger version.

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    2. Danarchy


      TeamKill said:

      It does look like a Terminator Marine, doesn't it...

      Because that's what it is. :P

    3. geekmarine


      Sure as hell beats Scuba Steve's avatar...

    4. Job


      geekmarine said:

      Sure as hell beats Scuba Steve's avatar...

      /me has sex with Scuba's avatar

      Not as sexy as the impse or cacose ones, but good enough. There's so much fun, crazy stuff you can do with an "x".