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  1. Today I went out for a bike ride too cool my head, and also to visit the mall so I could spend some money or talk to some friends. On my way there, I was thinking of what to buy. Perhaps a video game? No, i have no HD space. D&D book? Too expensive and a bit of a waste since I dont really like playing anymore. Some trinket from Hot Topic? What, and look like a poser while being gouged in my wallet? What then?

    Anyway, I finaly got there and headed for Wizards of the Coast, where my freind works. Sure enough, he was there and I told him of my woe and so forth. Then my other friend arrived and we talked. In the back room, my friend Mark (the one who works there) was arranging a Magic: the Gathering tournament. Eventualy it got to be that there was 5 minutes until the game started and only 7 players. And how do you play a tournamnet with oinly 7 people? Well, Mark came out and asked my other friend (Jeremy) and I if we'd like to join in and neither of us really wanted to. I for one hadn't played a game in about 5 years (well besides Apprentice and a couple times with borrowed decks).

    Finaly I caved in and joined. It was a sealed deck/booster draft tournament which meant we opened sealed booster packs and made decks out of what we got. I lost horribly. I was the only one to score absolutely 0 points. But oh well, I ended up 'randomly' getting a promo card, which was cool, but there was also some psychological damage. I was once again hooked.

    See, they let me keep the cards I had gotten from the sealed packs so I now had my own little collection. I ended up buying a preconstructed deck and three more boosters. Now I'm fucking back in the game. I am weak. Well, I guess I found something to buy.

    Okay, I gotta tell you something about this promo card I got. It's just like the normal version of the card, but it has a DCI logo for the expansion symbol and its a foil card. Then there is the symbol that is over the text in all its foily goodness. It says 'FNM' in a box, much resembling a NIN symbol, and underneth the box it says fridaynightmagic...EXACTLY like a NIN logo! Talk about a ripoff. It's even in faded grungy lettering.

    Also, I'm going to attatch a poll just because I feel like it.

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    2. Danarchy


      Heh. Do you by any chance use Suitcase? I used to use that back in the day to keep track of all my cards, but I recently downloaded it and the only versions of it I could find were...not good.

      One that seemed to come from the official site was a lot like the good old Suitcase I knew, but the card database hadn't been updated since the last time I played (thats a long time!). I found a newer version elsewhere (version 8 I think) and it worked okay but there were some funny spots like no filters for the databases. I then updated it to an even newer build and it suddenly had about 5,000 errors. Any advice?

    3. Melfice


      I'd advise using Magic Workstation. It has a complete database, you can keep an inventory, and also play against people online. Its great :)

    4. Danarchy


      Thanks, man. This program works great.