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  1. It was three years ago today that I first registered on these forums, and thus my it is three years since I joined the Doom community in general. Though I mist say that I've basicaly wasted my time here, it has been an interesting experience. This community is full of a lot of cool people who are always actively making great stuff for Doom. So yeah...I'm oldskool and stuff.

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    2. Danarchy
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      Little Faith

      Danarchy said:

      Heh. I have a friend who used the name "Shotgun Messiah" on games like Quake2 and Half-Life mods.

      Which also happens to be the name of swedish glam metal band

    4. Danarchy


      Well, this is the same guy who used to call me 'Danzig' all the time before he ever knew they were a band. Perhaps he was inspired by the city though...