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  1. You know, I've come to a conclusion that I have wasted the greater part of my twenty years of life (well not really, I kind of came to that conclusion a long time ago, but at least this time I have an obvious target). You see, I have ralised that playing games is pretty damn pointless. Okay, so you have a game and you play it, and suck, so you try again and eventualy get better. Then you finaly get good enough to beat the game and get the high score. But what then? You have a fucking sequence of electronic digits on some machine that you'll probably throw out in a year to get a better one to play games with, games that have more shiny stuff made by some nerdy programmer that hasn't seen the outside world for seven months, something that looks closer to reality, or what he thinks is reality though he hasn't seen it in so long that he has forgotten.

    And really, all this immersion crap. Do you really want to make yourself more a part of some virtual reality, to digitise yourself and disconnect from the real world? If that's what life is about, I think death would be a salvation. Better that you cut yourself off from the real world. Better that you spend countless hours locked away in your tiny unlit room so you can get the fucking power up and win the damn game. Again I shall say that the future the sci-fi authors always warned us about is now upon us. We are now more concerned about technology than our well being. Tis a sacrifice I shall not make.

    There are so many things I should have done/should be doing/should...no WILL do that I have instead wasted countless hours on stupid fucking simulated life and tireing clickfests. There are so many thigns I'd much rather do. My time would be better spent listening to music, absorbing every minute piece of the composition and enjoying the lyrical poetry. It would be better spent hugging women, being embraced by their warmth and softness. It would be better spent smoking weed, inhaling the flavorfull scent while it sends the gears in my mind in directions I never knew existed. It would be better spent hiking along trails amongst the wildlife we have so long ago left and forgotten about. It would be better spent chatting with old friends about times we had or whatever the big philosophical debate of the day is. There are some things you just cannot do by yourself in front of some video screen.

    I've seriously been thinking recently of selling all of my games. I've also thought of selling ym computer as well, but then I realised I woudlnt be able to compose music without it. Really, technology should be a tool, not a crutch or method of attempting to change reality.

    Also, it hasnt just been computer games I've been thinking about rejecting. I don't think I can do role-playing games anymore. Its all about stupid elves and their shiny +20 Longswords of Stabbing and Mortally Wounding Half-Dragons and what not. Big fucking deal. I don't want to pretend to be someone else. I just want to be me. I like me. I'm a very neat person and people tell me so. I'm not some faggot elf. Well anyway, I kind of have to continue playing it for now because pretty much all my friends play it. It's basicaly my only social outlet. I only have two friends who arent into that, and one is a self-proclaimed hermit/messiah so he's not too much into the whole society thing, and the other is pretty much always at her boyfriend's or art school.

    Oh well, I needed to rant. There are so many things I need to do with my life.

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    2. dsm


      Danarchy said:

      Um, I have a pretty damn active imagination. Half the time I'm in la-la land. Hell, I even made up a fantasy world (well two actualy, but one was too D&Dish) though I have no practical application for it. That's me...all thought and no practical application. I'm a useless waste of flesh.

      Well, then I don't know why you seem to hate games so much. I've got a pretty well-developed imagination and for that reason I still play and enjoy games, because my imagination expands on the game universe.

    3. Hyena


      I don't find video games pointless. At least not the way I play them.

      1. Most games I don't play from beginning to end and then try to beat the score. I play them a little bit, and those that I continue to play are usually the ones that are the most fun (with a few small exceptions)
      2. Many Video games are a source of inspiration. Just like movies, books, people, events, ideas. I don't consider those a waste of time. I'm a highly creative person. When I make doom levels, write fiction, create music, and (occasionally) draw, video games are no less of inspiration than anything else.
      3. Like was said earlier, it's all about balance. If I spend a whole day doing nothing but video games, it will feel like a waste. In fact, all of my days seem wasted if I don't do something constructive. As long as I maintain some creativity, I can still play a fair amount of games and I will feel confident that time has spent fairly well.

    4. Danarchy


      Heh I think maybe the thing I hate about video games so much is that they actualy limit imagination. It seems like whenever I play a video game I'm like "man I wish I could do ______" and so on.

      Also, scratch all that I said about D&D. I got the most wicked inspiration a couple days ago and I've been working on reviving an old campaign of mine nearly the whole time. This is going to rule.