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  1. Some (supposedly) EMB artist, Eisbecher, has released a new album, and with the first 5000 copies, the purchaser gets two free CD-Rs with which to copy the music. Obviously, someone has realised that this is the only way independant musicians can get the word out about thier band.

    Now if you'll excuse me...

    *opens up Soulseek to check this 'Eisbecher' fellow out

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    2. læmænt


      How about we rename Everything Else to "Grazza's place"

    3. Liam


      from the name of the forum (blogs) i would infer that it is a forum for personal news and not for potentially interesting topics that the appointed mods are too lazy to monitor. i shouldn't have to tell you grazza that you have the power to delete and edit individual replies. if you think copyright law/riaa/music piracy threads 'quickly turn to shit' perhaps you could set a precedent and individually delete offending or de-constructive posts instead of moving the entire thread to a largely unmoderated half-secret forum where you won't have to worry about it.

      going on topic, i don't think this guy is paving the way for anything. at least, i like to think that most people who buy music, especially music like this, know it's within their rights to make a personal copy of their legally-bought cds. in fact, it could be construed as just a little clever publicity stunt.

      although i wouldnt mind some free blanks if the album is good :D

    4. Danarchy


      Oddly enough, I could find none of this guy's stuff on Soulseek.