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  1. Wrap you noodle
    Around this one
    This is the test
    The final conciousness
    The amalgamation
    Death of a nation
    Conjoining of souls
    And as we start
    We no longer must part

    Away to the valley of doom
    Where dread
    Here again we see our souls
    Life as it once was
    Tortured away
    Wasted time
    Wasted life
    The flow has been disrupted

    Into the light we scream
    And are never answered
    Smothered in fire
    The ocean belches flames
    Flames on the ocean!
    We scream
    And the fire goes out
    We are in control
    It is night
    A brilliant purple night
    Not one of fear but of comfort
    And so this is it
    The combining
    The oneness
    The purity
    I am no longer obsolete
    I have evolved
    We have evolved
    The final stage

    And so it ends

    1. Danarchy


      Well, there you have it. I've decided to become an eccentric. It looks like this brap was a little short, but I wasn't sure at how long I should drag it out. It's pretty fun to jest let words flow into your head and on to the screen/paper. It's kind of like letting your soul out for a bit.