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  1. So I'm kind of sort of making a heretic wad and I wanted some new enemies, and the fisrt thing to come to mind was this:

    I call him the Salamander. Just took the Ophidian and pixel shifted him. I got some help from Silverwyvern on how to do it, and i think the results are pretty leet. I think I'm going to have him shoot phoenix rod shots, or a toned down version.

    1. Ichor


      How about using the volcano fireball? The only down side (and this includes the Phoenix Rod shots) is that they can kill themselves with their own attack.

    2. chilvence


      You can make him invulnerable to radius damage (in zdoom anyway)

    3. Danarchy


      I was thinking the TOP phoenix rod shot actualy. It would make him look like he's breathign fire. Of course, I really would have to tune it down a bit then so it wouldn't kill the player outright. :P I'll think about the lava fireball though. Could be interesting.