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    Digging around on my hard drive, I found some lyrics I wrote a few years back when I was young, retarded, and very depressed. Because hate you all so very much, and mself almost as bad I decided to post these all here for fun and profit. I was initialy going to delete them, which would have been the sensible, sane, and merciful thing to do but the urgings of Ling crossed with my fickle and masochistic mind have converded to create my decision to make an ass out of myself. Enjoy:

    Defective Perfection
    Nothing makes you young,
    Everything gives you cancer,
    So you spend your lives,
    Looking for an answer.

    You try to survive,
    On money, drugs, and lies,
    But it just eats you up,
    Hollows out your insides.

    Your soul is weak,
    And in need of repair,
    You try to fix it,
    It only fills with despair.

    What are you gonna do?
    Why did you do it?
    Now you screwed it up,
    You really blew it.

    Welcome to defective perfection,
    You got here alone,
    No introspection.

    You are refreshing,
    You are unique,
    You’re like a firebird,
    Burning out the hate from the meek.

    But you can’t find yourself.
    You think you’re alone.
    You’re dissatisfied.
    You can’t find a home.

    You are intellectual,
    You’re never bland,
    You are godlike,
    On the backs of the fools you stand.

    But you put yourself down.
    Deep into your misery.
    You’ve dug your own hole.
    Can’t you see how this pains me?

    You’re like a sunbeam,
    You’re a breath of fresh air,
    You are pristine.
    Can’t you see I really care?



    Why can’t you tell,
    You’re life isn’t Hell.
    Why can’t you see,
    You’re better off then me.
    Why won’t you listen,
    I’m gonna make this my mission.

    Here I am,
    In silent isolation,
    Eating out my brain,
    Going insane,
    (I have become numb.)

    I once had a life,
    It seems so far away,
    Like a distant dream,
    Silently I scream,
    (Get me out of here.)

    Loneliness is now,
    My only reality,
    Darkness forever growing,
    Hope never showing,
    (Is this eternal?)

    Now your voice,
    Cuts through the void,
    Giving me hope,
    With bruised hands I grope,
    (At this futile dream.)


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    2. deathbringer


      Paging mr Melfice...

      Here's something i wrote about 5 years ago, when i was 15, its hilarious:

      Welcome to fat magazine,this will be a nearly-montly mag with stuff about the general underground ‘scene’ like bombs and hacking,and other stuff that’s against the government,like ufo coverups(taking the piss outta them)and left wing.This is the first issue so excuse the lameness and I could never compete with the likes of swat or A-S,so don’t say.As you will notice this is a very strange design with a black background(don’t set it to normal mode)and pictures(wow)this is so its better to read,like antisocial.In future issues I might include sounds.Since its near christmas and ive asked for a scanner (read-parents said I should have)expect to see stuff like photos and designs ive drawn on paper in here.The photos should be great of all the fun stuff we get up to or are planning to (look out for ‘mobile in old school burning to ground’ coming in about 13 issues time).Our group,fat is dedicated to the dstruction of politics and borders to make a better world where peole can do -nearly- what they want(apart from mass-murder,well ok you can if its captured kkk members),anarchy is the goal.You may wonder what pipebombs and stuff have to do with it,well were ‘militant anarchists’ we burn government property to the ground and blow it up-we don’t just go and destroy any old persons stuff because that’s not anarchy,anarchy is fighting against the government and burning down the bins in the park shows the government what we think of them.

    3. Ultraviolet


      that didn't even rhyme

    4. SYS


      I wrote this one off the top of my head:


      I R goth,
      Slit your throat,
      Like a goat,
      Bathe in your blood,
      Lke a flood,
      Inside of this troth.

      One more:


      Fuck it,
      The Living,
      Can suck it,
      Closer to death,
      With every breath,
      Sooner or later,
      My wrists against a cheese grater,
      On the floor,
      I have bled,
      Soon to be dead,
      Without the use of a knife,
      Shouldn't have played Strife,
      It's not worth living for,
      My heart goes boom,
      I should've played Doom.