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  1. I just counted all my change. I pretty much never carry change around with me so it just accumulates at home. So I tallied it all up and I've got:

    2 Sacajuea dollars
    a 50c piece
    $5.00 in quarters
    $4.80 in dimes
    $2.75 in nickles
    $1.84 in pennies
    and $1.25 Canadian

    That's a total of $16.89 in real money.

    I need some of those coin rolls or something. :P

    Anyway, I've also got a Lewis and Clark nickle, a nickle-plated penny, and a copper-plated quarter. I'm going to hold on to those along with the half-dollar and the dollar coins since they're all rare (except the plated money which I made myself).

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    2. Scuba Steve
    3. Gokuma


      71ยข (not counting an old coin collection with a hell of a lot more than that)

    4. Ralphis


      I make roughly $14 dollars in change each week from my job. Sometimes add 5 if i work more than average hours, sub 5 if it's less.

      Last time I cashed it 3 months ago I had 100 in change from half of my bin and now it's about tripled what that was so change = good