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  1. So there I was, I had just blown the S.A.M. mission for the hundredth time and I was beginning to boil over in frustration. But what's that? Someone left a police boat nearby? YOINK! So I drove around through the waves for a bit and through the channel between Shoreside Vale and Staunten Island, towards my hideout out that way. Then I decided to crash the boat somewhere and go the rest of the way by land. I found the perfect spot. A stretch of road near the water. Maybe I could crash into a car or block traffic for a white.

    So I revved up the engine and went for it. I smashed into the shore and flew up onto the road, smashing a light pst over on my way. I skidded right over the roadway and then *SPLASH*. What, where am I? It appeared that I had went right over the roadway and into the tiny pond on the otherside where i could pilot my boat freely. So I did for a bit, but that got boring. Next I tried turning the boats guns on the nearby pedestrians who were way to uninterested in my cool discovery, but the rounds flew over their heads and they remained nonplused. So I parked my little ship by the roadside to get another perspective on the situation. Hmm, despite the fact that that's an armed police boat, it looked a little like a quiet fishing hole.

    But alas, all good things must come to an end. I sent the boat off in what resembled a backwards Viking funeral. That appeared to be the end of that, but I was wrong. The friendly neighbourhood populace decided to give my lovely vessel some kind of wake/baptism.

    Then everybody died.

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    2. Danarchy


      I could never get the Dodo to fly very well. I did get it going really good once, but I screwed up and nosedived into the middle of Staunton Island. The tip in the FAQ I have doesn't seem to work at all. Still, I got like 96 Taxi fares in a row, so. :P Need to get Vice City badly!

    3. fraggle


      If you pick up a hooker and drive to an alleyway, the car starts rocking. But if you then use the "look right" button (the one which lets you do drive-by shootings), you find the hooker and your avatar are actually still just sitting in the car.

    4. iori


      Actually there was a mod that imported all of your gta3 stuff into vice city so all the VC enhancements were available. I dont think any missions worked, but all the motorbike was in it, and you could shoot out car tires :D