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  1. Just a thought...

    They had a trailer for Zathura on TV, and I swear the music they were using for it is the Overture from Requiem for a Dream. I'm not too sure because they had the music pushed into the background, but that's what it sounded like. Kind of an odd choice for a kid's movie.

    Other kind of interesting choices for movie trailers I've seen are Marylin Manson's cover of "I Put A Spell On You" on the 6th Sense trailer, and NIN's Just Like You Imagined in the Unbreakable trailer.

    Anyone else ever hear this kind of music in trailers?

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    2. Danarchy


      Haha, what the Hell?

    3. Lüt


      Trailers almost always use music or themes from other movies in them. X-Men TV commercials used the Dark City final fight music, Independence Day used a finishing section from The Rock, Tears of the Sun used one of my favorite tracks off Gladiator, Two Towers remixed Requiem for a Dream theme into the only version of it that I ever listen to (BTW if anybody has a version of the whole track at a better encoding than a worthless converted-at-the-depths-of-the-ocean 128k MP3, GIVE ME NOW)... it's quite common, and I think a lot of the time the music used was originally an inspiration to the project in the first place. Some directors will work with temporary tracks from other movies to edit their scenes together before getting an original piece of music, and like to put those temporary selections into the trailers (or occasionally DVD menus) because of the inspiration they've been to the movie.

    4. Vile


      From the Dragonheart trivia page at IMDB:

      "Excerpts from the music score have been used for several movie trailers and even for a special projection at the 1997 Oscars."

      I can't remember what movie trailers used the theme, but I have heard it in at least one trailer before.

      EDIT: read an article that named "Seven Years in Tibet" and "Anna and the King" as movie trailers that have used the theme.