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  1. I feel like starting another megawad I'll probably never finish, but I can't decide which idea to go with.

    Option 1
    A re-imagining of Doom done in vanilla Ultimate Doom with no added textures either. I'd just make the levels big and more like what they are named after but just with my level of detail, not the uber-detail people have a hard-on for these days. No shareware restrictions either, so there would be lost souls and BFGs in episode 1.

    Option 2
    A fairly generic Skulltag single-player megawad. I have ideas for different level themes I could make in Doom (storage area, prison, gateway to Hell) and I could just run them together. There aren't very many single-player Skulltag wads so I think it would be cool.

    Option 3
    A combination of the two. Re-imagine the Doom 1 levels but in Doom 2 with all the Skulltag stuff.

    So anyway, I can't decide which to do, so I'm letting you decide. YES, YOU! Vote today and recieve a free* car!! Offer is good while supplies last**!!!

    * Offer only good in the Republic of Montenegro
    ** Supplies = 0

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Danarchy


      Well, it seems people like option 1 so I'm gong to go with that.

    3. Pure Hellspawn

      Pure Hellspawn

      Damn, I wish there was a ZDoom option. There aren't too many ZDoom megawads out there.

    4. Danarchy


      Yeah, but every time I start work on a ZDoom wad I find myself wishing for all the extra textures and monsters and such that Skulltag provides automagically.