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  1. Here are some things about me that probably certify me as a total dork.

    - Labyrinth, Tron, and Yellow Submarine are three of my favorite movies of all time.

    - I spend most of my creativity on my D&D campaign.

    - I've been listening to Michael Jackson recently.

    - I play World of Warcraft and I enjoy it.

    - I buy CDs. Not only that, but I intend to buy pretty much every album I've downloaded that's on my HD right now, just because I hate not owning the actual album. I have well over 100 CDs right now, and intend to double that collection.

    - I've turned down sex on principle on multiple occasions, though I'm still a virgin.

    - I seriously have some kind of chivalric code that I follow. See above.

    - Cooking and baking are a couple of my all-time favorite hobbies.

    - I can recite random facts about nearly any subject, but I have no practical application for anything whatsoever.

    Possibly more to come...

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    2. Jim Rainer

      Jim Rainer

      Just a couple of things I can think of at the moment:
      I'm extremely anti-social.
      I occasionally headbang to music at my computer desk.
      I still buy music in CD format.
      I argue with people about audio codecs.

    3. Bucket


      BoldEnglishman said:

      I also have a phobia of phones. I get really nervous trying to ring someone for the first time. People I know very well I can ring fine, but most other people I get a bit edgy, and my phone conversations are to the point, quick and swift. My last phone conversation consisted of "Hi, what time you coming around? Cool, how long for? Bring anything you want, cya later". Less than a minute, done.

      I have this thing about phone conversations. I have to leave the room if I get a call. Even if it's completely mundane and no one cares enough to listen in, I don't like my phone talks to be audible to others.

    4. deathbringer


      Yesterday i:

      -Went into a tiny secondhand bookshop in Cambridge and found a couple of bound volumes of the Girls' Own, i innocently asked the woman behind the desk if she had "any other old storypapers or comic annuals" and she said "leave your bag here and go upstairs", i went up the tiny spiral staircase to find the whole second floor of the shop is pretty much floor-to-ceiling annuals, storypaper volumes, storypaper annuals, 1890-1950's childrens adventure books and old pocket libraries, i nearly died.

      -Bought a 1987 book collecting several 1920's Sexton Blake Library stories, as well as his first ever appearance in The Halfpenny Marvel in 1893. Reportedly a crap story but i got all overexcited about it

      -Also bought an issue of the Schoolgirl's Picture Library from what looks like the early 60's, just the one mind.

      -Also bought "UNLEASH HELL!", a reprint compilation of the Boy's equivalent - War Picture Library, from the same sort of time.

      -Drove home in my dad's Toyota repmobile listening to Elgar, using a CD walkman plugged into the casette player

      -Checked the latest issue of "Crikey! the british comics magazine" to see if that 1950 Radio Fun annual i saw was the ultra-rare, only-16-known-to-exist issue with a guy who died in 1949 on the cover. It wasn't.

      Oh and i had a stand at a comic convention on Saturday, i guess that counts too