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  1. I've been cleaning my place the last couple days. I just found the watch that Assmaster gave me when we met. It has a magnifying glass and compass rose and everything. He gave it to me apologizing that the battery had run out after he bought it. I never did get that replaced. Think I'll do that now.


    1. myk


      Pretty cool. Coincidentally I was thinking of getting a pocket watch since I don't like wearing one on my wrist, although a mechanical one preferably (i.e., without batteries).

    2. exp(x)



      Except the rim around the glass is all scratched up on mine because I fell off of my bike and skidded for several feet on asphalt.

    3. Danarchy


      Yay, finally got the money to buy stuff, so I got the watch battery replaced (among several other things). Now I actually have a portable timepiece for the first time in at least 5 years.