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  1. So a month ago or so I failed to notice a particular anniversary of mine: the 10-year mark of me registering on these forums. I can't really believe it's been that long.

    Over the years, pretty much all of the old regulars have either left or become irregulars, and some of the old lurkers are now prolific posters on these forums. The website's founders have pretty much all buggered off, but it still seems to be in good hands. I've met many people through this website, and many I still talk to, even ones who don't post here anymore. Many of these people I'd consider friends, and a couple I've even met in real life. We've also lost a few people along the way, which is tragic, but life goes on.

    It's kind of funny that when I joined the site there was only speculation on weather or not there would be a Doom 3, and exactly what would be in the game. Some thought that it would be a travesty for it not to be sprite-based, some thought there should be a quad-barreled shotgun. Not long after, the Mac World video was released and speculation became anticipation. Now 10 years later, Doom 3 is old but still seems to rank right up there with modern games in terms of graphics, and now it's confirmed there will be a Doom 4. We're still waiting for Rage, however.

    Speaking of long development times, Duke Nukem Forever was a joke by the time I joined up here, and look at it now, coming out in a month or two. What the hell?

    As for myself, I was in high school when I joined up here. I'd browse the forums when I got done with my work in HTML class (which was always pretty quick, as that class was really easy for me). I'd like to say a lot has changed since then, but aside from graduating, growing a beard, and getting a job, not much really has. I'm still hanging out with my friend from high school, playing the same games with them, and I'm unfortunately living with a parent again (though I did have my own place for 2 1/2 years, so that was fun).

    Well yeah, that was just my retrospective on the last ten years.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Holy hell, it has been 10 years. Jesus Christ.

      I was in middle school when I first joined DWF. Now I'm (almost) a fully functioning, independent adult. Wow.

    3. Creaphis


      I'm the exact same person that registered for this forum six years ago. The only difference is that now I know a little more about Doom.

      Congrats to Dan and all the other oldfags.

    4. GooberMan


      I like bandwagons.