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  1. So I spent last weekend passing a kidney stone. Let me tell you, it is in no way fun. Feels like someone stabbed you in the kidneys then kicked you in the balls, then the pain doesn't go away for about 4 days. So anyway, I'm glad I'm done with that. Now I just have to wait for the hospital bill and hope it doesn't bankrupt me. I think I might be able tog et the whole thing paid off by the government, though, considering I'm a poor bastard.

    Oh, and yesterday I bought a copy of Heavy Metal for the first time. It's...interesting. I've been interested in the magazine for years, especially since I found out that Moebius did design work for every sci-fi movie I've ever loved, ever. I think now I need to start hunting down some old issues from the 70s with his work in them.

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    2. Danarchy


      hervoheebo said:

      That's like a tiny jagged rock passing through your dick? How does it not shred up the urethra?

      ..or does it? Shit.

      Your innards are a lot more resilient than they seem. Still, I think I still have some scratches in there.

    3. Abyssalstudios1


      In case I ever get a kidney stone, I hope that qualifies me for MMJ.

    4. Danarchy


      Abyssalstudios1 said:

      In case I ever get a kidney stone, I hope that qualifies me for MMJ.

      I think you have to have long-term pain for that. Kidney stones (thankfully) rarely last more than a few days. I DO have a friend who has chronic migraines who probably qualifies for MMJ. Her husband is trying to push her into getting it instead of the Vicodin they prescribed her (though I think he just wants in on it :P).