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  1. Delet

    Castlevania Doom [WIP]

    This looks like a really cool TC even if it isn't faithful at all - it just needs good platforming and combat dynamics. And puzzles. Can't wait to play a finished product!
  2. Delet

    Doom/Strife with random pitched sound

    I sort-of like pitch shifts. -prepares noose-
  3. Delet

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I love that shade of blue but it almost looks out of place with no other colors changed. Great shots though.
  4. OP is a hero please do not stop creating content like this edit: A ROADBLOCK MADE OF CARS HAHAHAHA edit2: you should really bring this into the Wads / Mods subforum since you have some level design / sprites to show for it. You need more exposure.
  5. Delet

    The best kind of Midis

    Fucking LOL - these and the transposed midis are making my week.
  6. Delet

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    Paging Maes. Maes, please report to this thread. Sweet, sweet demon parts, Maes.
  7. Delet

    So I made my first WAD. yay!

    This map could have looked much nicer if you had payed more attention to texture sanity - like in the computer room with the texture half sticking out of the floor, it just looks a little weird. Also 3/4 secrets are technically 1 secret, it would make more sense to only tag the secret sector as secret and not both doors as well. http://imgur.com/a/kjsfL Try unpegging both the lower and upper textures in the first shot - this will keep them both aligned with the walls on both sides. I also included a screenshot of a missing texture on a step. Oh, and the last pinky demon in the dark maze couldn't move or attack due to being clipped into a wall. Also what rdwpa is referring to is not the port you tested it in, but the least-advanced port it will run in. So in Doombuilder, if your configuration was set to Doom: Doom, then it should be Vanilla compatible. Or Boom: Doom = Boom compatible, etc. Pretty good first map though! I think you had a lot of room to ramp the difficulty up, so maybe your next project could be incorporating difficulty levels into this map.
  8. Delet

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    I have a copy of the Doom Comic I'm very proud of. I make everyone who enters my domain read it.
  9. Delet

    i made my first WAD!

    Really not bad for a my-first-map. Two things - One is a mapping error and the other is just standard mapping .. err .. standards. http://imgur.com/a/azx53 The Imp in the first picture is clipped into the wall and can't attack the player. The Gate textures in the second picture are meant to be used as midtextures - so these would look much better if you used them as such and had 3 to 5 small sectors behind them with diminishing brightness, opposed to just flat black.
  10. Delet

    Stealth Gameplay

    Must .. not .. derail thread .. defending .. MGS .. Man, MGS3 was awesome
  11. I'll definitely be submitting something for this project by Summer.
  12. Delet

    I need some healp making a project

    Them. Leo, you might want to describe in your post the feel and flow of what you're trying to create. Are you just trying to make maps which use custom monsters for a learning experience? Are there certain custom monsters you have in mind in particular? Same questions for the scripting - are you trying to accomplish anything specific with it or just learning it? You might not want to try all of this at once, it could get overwhelming and result in a very "just thrown together" project. (Unless that's what you want) I would also recommend that as soon as you have anything playable you post it so we can get a hands-on experience as to what your project is all about. You'll get much better feedback like this.
  13. Delet

    Stealth Gameplay

    Custom content and conversions would be preferred but any maps which focus on avoiding fights are acceptable discussion. Preferably I'm looking for "stealthy atmosphere" and anything more involved than "don't wake up 100 archviles" but IMO that still qualifies as "stealth in doom". See, I've been thinking of how to make some stricter stealth mechanics in vanilla doom - We know that on-monster-death doors are possible in vanilla (I have an example map of this mechanic posted elsewhere on these forums, and I believe it was DTWID2 where I first saw them) and although it's a little messy and no match for scripting, imagine this: A "monster with a walkie-talkie" is alerted by gunfire or line-of-sight, ventures too far from its starting position (I.E., is given enough time to call in reinforcements), triggering a line def which crushes a barrel elsewhere, killing a dummy monster which will trigger opening a door allowing a horde of "reinforcements" to enter the main areas of the map - through teleports, or through actual doors! There could also be switches which close that door, or "turn off" the security system - and it's all vanilla compatible. Generally I want to hypothesize a set of mechanics which would technically allow for run-and-gun gameplay, but reward stealthy, careful exploration, assassinations, and not missing bullets. I don't know why I want to see stealth implemented in Doom so badly but I damn sure do.
  14. Delet

    First Wad: "Sacreligion" (WIP)

    Quick Fix: Those midtextures still clip into the floor from one side. An easy way to fix this problem is to create a sector which uses that line, and adjust its brightness by at least 1. Check it out: http://imgur.com/a/CWz9k. The sector doesn't have to be as large as the one I made, it can be as small as you want it to be - I only made it that large so you could see what was going on. I made that sectors brightness 143 in contrast to its surrounding 144.
  15. I would hope thing placement would not have to follow this rule, or if it must follow any rule, that thing placement could be allowed on the 32x32 grid - otherwise every thing would need to be clipped into a corner or have a 64x64 buffer zone on all sides.