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  1. SubstanceJ

    No Imps + No Keys Project - or better not

    Sorry, I did confuse it with decorate. I was a little spaced out and I'm also working on a ZDoom wad. Anyway I hope the project takes off, I already started building my map for it :)
  2. SubstanceJ

    Gentle Morning Breeze

    She's a keeper...
  3. SubstanceJ

    No Imps + No Keys Project - or better not

    Is that why no imps are allowed? With dehacked you can create new monsters, you don't need to replace existing ones.
  4. SubstanceJ

    No Imps + No Keys Project - or better not

    No imps? what did those poor imps ever do to you? :( Can't we make a megawad with no pain elementals? I hate those friggin things! Anyway, at first I wasn't very interested in this project, but reading through wore me down. I'm in :)
  5. SubstanceJ

    bullet-time mod, slow down time, incredible!!

    notice how with all that "magic" the player still gets a rocket in the face...
  6. SubstanceJ

    New 12-level WAD completed

    There's no shame in releasing a wad as a beta. Why do you insist that it's glitch proof? I'm guessing the four years in development have to do something with it ;) No worries, mate, I feel you.
  7. SubstanceJ

    UAC HQ: A Favor for Any Willing People

    First of all, know your limits. If you're just getting into mapping this sounds like an ambitious project. Start with something smaller, or be prepared for a very long lasting development. Second, is there anything already done? If there is, make it seen.
  8. SubstanceJ

    Plasmaplant (plasmap.zip) is now on /idgames

    Excellent concept map. The stealth monster swarms do get a little frustrating, I frequently ran out of ammo and died many horrible and painful deaths, but I guess a last map should be quite challenging. Didn't finish it yet, btw... Is there a map pack or mega wad in the works that goes with it? I played some of your maps, but this is really something else...
  9. SubstanceJ

    The Infernal Castle

    Seems like a desynchronization issue. @walter confalonieri, what version of zdoom do you use? I think it has something to do with the save games. Anyway, the map is alright, a little confusing but not a bad place to start. Keep it up! :)
  10. SubstanceJ

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    hello (always start with "hello") I'd like to pitch in with a map. According to your list the free slots are in hell, is that right?