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  1. i do preffer Iced Earth and Judas Priest!
  2. Hi dude. It was me who created this thread. I am a member of the IRON MAIDEN BB and a finnish guy there (maybe he knows you guys personally??) told me about your band and this DOOM song. Btw, I downloaded other songs of your demo and loved them. I thought they would be too much like Stratovarius, but I think they have some Rhapsody symphonic flavour to them. I wrote an email to some of you guys in the website... dont know if you guys saw it... UP THE IRONS UP THE EPICLORES :) Btw, one song I would really kill to listen it made with real guitars is the one from the last DOOM level, E3M8, with the Spiderdemon. Its really thrash metal!!
  3. dunno... do you like Heavy Metal?? I havent listened yet to all the songs... but they seem to play in Stratovarius/Sonata Arctica style with bits of Rhapsody flavour.
  4. ok, forget about the broken link. it just worked for me now... and i am downloading it again! and no... its NOT a new song. The other one was 5 mb cuz it was zipped. I forgot about it. Its exactly the same song.
  5. WHAT BAND FROM NORWAY OR DENMARK?????? ok, this is a robbery, give me the link or you die!! :) :) do they also play with real guitars etc? Or is it just keyboards?
  6. hmmm... thats it... if you can download it right now. They redesigned their page yesterday (or today) and the link is broken right now. I will email them for them to fix the link
  7. THE FOCUS?? Wich song is that? CyRaptor posted these are the songs on the mp3: 0:22-1:33 "Running from Evil" - Doom II Map01 1:33-2:17 "Intermission from Doom" - Doom E2M3 2:17-3:10 "At Doom's Gate" - Doom E1M1 3:10-4:20 "Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names) - Doom E1M4 4:20-4:55 "At Doom's Gate" (Again) 4:55 "Sweet Little Dead Bunny" - Doom E3 ending cutscene
  8. ok, i went back to the site, and they really totally redesigned the site and apparently have included the DOOM song in the download section along with other songs to be released in a DEMO CD. BUT this new version is about 3 minutes longer!!!!! That IS GOOD! On the other hand, I cant download it also, with or without GETRIGHT. That message in Finnish PROBABLY says something like it cant find the file, meaning that in the site redesign process, they probably made a broken link... we will have to wait them to fix it or someone can email them and say to them the link is broken!
  9. thanks a lot CyRaptor!! :) Wouldnt it be cool if someone did a new DOOM 1 with the SERIOUS SAM engine (the only one capable of supporting so many monsters in polygonal format) with the songs in digital mp3 format played by this band???
  10. In another language? Maybe Finnish, since the band is from Finland, then I cant help, cuz Im brazilian and speak portuguese. About the game sound effects being mixed together with the music I can only guess they did it that way so you would feel like playing the game while listening to the game´s music like it was supposed to be if they used digital sound in that time...
  11. guys, although I love DOOM music it was a long time ago I last played DOOM... so I dont know the name of each song and wich level it is originary from. So... can any of you do me a favor and list the songs in that MP3? example: 1:35 "Running from Evil" - E1M1 2:24 "Sacrilege" - E2M2 of course, that was just an example, i dont know the name of the songs or their levels...
  12. AcesHigh

    Doom Books

    illigival details?? WHAT ILLOGICAL DETAILS???? We all know DOOM´s history is the BEST ever seen in videogame history!! :)
  13. now... whats this story about DOOM MP3 folder???? Do you have other mp3s of DOOM??? Yer talking about other bands playing DOOM music with real instruments?
  14. Yup. Unfortunately. But as you may know, Blaze Bayley was kicked out and both Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson rejoined Maiden and the band (now with 3 guitars) recorded Brave New World (awesome album, best since 7th Son), and went into a massive tour that ended at ROCK IN RIO show, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, at January 2001, in front of 250.000 fans, in wich they recorded one of the best musical DVDs ever called Rock In Rio (duh :) ), wich you can find on your local store or on your local Kazaa :) and its really worth your money or your download time!!!
  15. hehhee, sorry dude. I am used to post on the Iron Maiden Bulletin Board, wich is one of the busiest BBs on the internet... (main forum has 339,000 posts and 16,000 threads... only because 2/3 of the old posts were deleted last month!)