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  1. deeplinks

    psx doom for gzdoom 3.2.4

    Did you wrote everything in that batch file in one line? That wouldn't work, because in batch files every comand should be on its own line. Try deleting everything and just leave 'start gzdoom.exe -FILE PSXLOAD.PK3 +EXEC PSXDOOM.CFG -CONFIG PSXDOOM.INI' in your batch file (without the quotes, of course). And make sure that your batch file, gzdoom.exe and psx doom files are in the same folder.
  2. deeplinks

    1% damage bug

    Yeah, that can happen only on Skill 1: each damage you receive got divided by two, so when you receive exactly 1 damage from rocket splash damage, it got reduced to 0 damage, but game doesn't check that and play pain sound anyway.
  3. deeplinks

    1% damage bug

    He does grunt in pain, though. I think better fix would be this:player->damagecount += damage; // add damage after armor / invuln // Next two lines added if ((damage > 0) && (player->damagecount < 2)) player->damagecount = 2; because you can receive 1% damage multiple times during one frame.
  4. deeplinks

    1% damage bug

    I think I found a bug. When player in Doom receive exactly 1% damage, the screen will not flash red at all, and face on status bar will not change. I checked, and bug is present in vanilla Doom 1.9, ZDoom 2.7.1 and PrBoom+ Is this bug known? It can easily be demonstrated: start E1M1 on "I'm Too Young To Die" and go to courtyard, then pick blue armor and stand in the nuclear waste pool (it will deal 1% damage to player). The bug happens because damage is added to varirable "damagecount" (it becomes 1), but then it decreases by 1 and set to 0 the same frame before drawing screen (if (player->damagecount) player->damagecount--;), so both screen palette and status bar face will not react (damagecount is 0 already when screen is drawn).