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  1. 1. There's an older version of Dis for PSX Doom TC Lost Levels, and it has a huge amount of Barons of Hell. I mean, more is better right? The problem is that monster infighting means that the SPM is completely swamped and dies before you even can touch it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9DsAsca5_8 2. After this project is done, would there be any interest to incorporate Doom64 maps? 3. OC can achieve stable 30fps. Using cheat codes, 60fps could potentially be achieved. Those kinds of codes are common for PS2 games, but not for PSX games. I've seen Silent Hill running at 60fps, so Doom PSX should be possible too. We just need to find what the Doom 60fps cheat code is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cki0kCGD36Q
  2. Of course. Ideally there'd be a PSX Doom Sourceport, but since that hasn't happened, CPU OC can at least maintain consistent fps. They all implement it differently. Try newer versions of epsxe, or try those other emulators.
  3. Just a quick point. One of the key complaints about PSX Doom was the frequent FPS drops. Modern PS emulators can do CPU Overclocking, to attain consistent 30fps. Reminder that the original DOS Doom ran at just 35 fps. Beetle PSX - CPU Overclocking - Locked 30fps in Doom PSX DOOM (PSX) - PCSXR-PGXP/Pete'sOGL2 xBRZ TWEAK + CPU overclock x2.0
  4. Could such an effect be replicated in Doom TC?
  5. Probably. Although I wonder if the PSX Doom is cheating a bit. It looks like the walls either emit a small amount of blue light or are colored a certain way so that they stay brighter in the darkness. So it might not be an issue of just the lighting.
  6. Just started playing this a few days ago. Here's some things I've noticed: Messages appear at the top of the screen. And there appears to be no option to move them to the bottom in GZDoom. In PSX Doom, the messages appear at the bottom, and only one at a time. This is actually beneficial and something I rather liked from PSX Doom. Someone should suggest to the Zdoom team to add this feature. In GZDoom, auto-save at the beginning of every level is the default. However, in PSX Doom there is no auto-saving and no auto-loading upon death. You can "save" via passwords, which I do believe keeps your health/items although I never tried it. I can't quite get the light right. I don't know if this is something that is a matter of changing settings, or if it's something that needs to be improved in this wad. The Emulator used in Mednafen, through RetroArch frontend. It aims for high accuracy, although it is relatively new so it's possible it is not rendering the game properly. GZDoom 1.8.02 run through the .bat. PSX: http://i.imgur.com/DqSDLMk.png PSX TC: http://i.imgur.com/jTMT64i.png PSX: http://i.imgur.com/uMMiub4.png PSX TC: http://i.imgur.com/sdTgNDw.png That's roughly in the same spot. The walls don't seem as bright. The .bat file also does not appear to work with the latest dev build that I tried of GZDoom. I've gone back to 1.8.02.
  7. Has anyone thought about compiling a "PSX Doom - Complete" mod? It would be all of the PSX Doom levels, plus all the Lost Levels, but in the order of the original games. Then maybe go the next step, "PSX Doom Complete +". Complete games, plus things removed from the game, such as Arch Villes. All the benefits of PSX Doom, with the benefits of PC Doom. Is anyone working on converting No Rest for the Living, and Doom 64 maps? Those would be interesting. I'm editing the Icon of Sin map a lot, since it differs so greatly from the original. I'm going to make it more like it was in the original game.