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  1. Zulk RS

    Favorite website?

    Favorite Website besides Doomworld but not most used? I'd have to give this one to DnD Beyond. Play a lot of DnD on there.
  2. Damn I want to watch this sooo bad but i have to get to bed right now or I'll be tired tomorrow. I'll watch this when I wake up. Welcome back @DCasali
  3. Zulk RS

    What powerup would you want IRL?

    I honestly saw the Health bonus as being a clear liquid in a blue bottle for some reason. I imagine it tastes like a more watery version of water. Like Super Water or some shit.
  4. Zulk RS

    What powerup would you want IRL?

    Not exactly a powerup but I would love to have Doomguy's ability to just say "Nope" to fall damage. Also would love a massive supply of medkits that can heal you instantly from normally lethal injuries like a shotgun shot to the chest. I guess in that vein I'd love a megasphere as it would reduce damage by half and will also make me twice as durable from damage in general.
  5. Zulk RS

    Doomguy face sprite with RTX

    Honestly I was expecting to see something cursed when I clicked on this thread but I'm honestly pleasantly surprised. It really does look quite good and while you can tell that's it's not a real person it doesn't look uncanny at all. Unrelated but for some reason, I always thought that Michael Shannon had a face that looked quite close to Doomguy. Obviously it's not the same but that's the only real person I can think of that looks the closest.
  6. Zulk RS

    what if the doom source code never was released

    Honestly I don't the community would have been as strong as it is now. In fact, I'd say there'd be a good chance that it would die out. Look at all the games that had modability but not the source code released. I may be wrong but I believe Morrowind is a game that has modding tools but no source codes. Although even now there's a good chunk of people that are fans of Morrowind and even mods for it, it's nowhere near what the Doom community is. I think if the Doom source codes were never released, that's what the Doom community would have been if not in an even worse state.
  7. Zulk RS

    I need a little help.

    So I've been trying to improve at Doom in my own way for a while. My way of "Improving"? Learning Speedrun strats to cheese maps. However I have had no luck. Can someone give me pointers or direct me to an article or video on how to do some of the speedrunning stuff? I searched google but I can't find anything. Also I'm playing with GZDoom so if the speedrun strats don't work there, also let me know so I'm not wasting my time. The stuff I'm trying to learn is gliding through 32-unit wide gaps and performing linedef skips. Can someone give me pointers on how I can do it?
  8. Zulk RS

    I need a little help.

    I know but It's not about having an easier time beating a section. It's about skipping a section for fun. Now that I know glides are possible in GZDoom but harder, do you know any videos I can watch where I can learn to do the glides?
  9. Zulk RS

    I need a little help.

    I know that. Still want to try though. I want to know if it's possible to do linedef skips and glides on GZDoom or if I'm wasting my time with it.
  10. Zulk RS

    I need a little help.

    I don't want to do speedruns. I want to use speedrun techniques during normal play to make things easier on myself. Like skipping a linedef to make a very difficult encounter easier. Stuff like that.
  11. Zulk RS


    I mostly play on Zandronum though I haven't updated since 3.0. I should go and get a more updated version of it. Since Zandronum is basically an older version GZDoom but with multiplayer, I tend to swap over to the latest version of GZDoom whenever a mod doesn't run on Zandronum.
  12. Zulk RS

    save spamming while playing

    This. I save way too much. Sometimes I'd even reload after taking an imp fireball to the face and being at 197% Health and 197% Armor. It may seem excessive, unfun and annoying to someone watching but it's how I enjoy playing the game. I tried playing a while without saves or by minimizing how much I save but that wasn't fun for me. So I went back to save-scumming harder than ever. Play how you want to play. Unless you're submitting demos or videos for some kind of competition that bans save-scumming, no one is going to care if you play with saves or not and how often you save and when you load. The same can also be applied to "Getting Good". It's awesome to get good at the game, yes, but it's not something you need to push yourself for if you don't enjoy it. Enjoyment and love of Doom takes priority over getting good, not being a scrub or what else have you. Play how you want and how you have the most fun. If you're wondering if it's good that you're saving so much or not, try playing a few maps or playing for a few weeks without saving to see if you enjoy it. If you find it more fun, keep going. If you find it less fun, go back to save-scumming.
  13. Zulk RS

    Plutonia wasn't hard in compare to...

    Yeah no... things can still be extremely hard even if you don't pistol start and savescum. Case in point: Stardate 20x6, Holy Hell, Cosmogensis etc. etc.
  14. Zulk RS

    YouTube is becoming a pain

    Is that like for montized videos or something? I've uploaded 1-2 hour long videos recently with no issue. I also don't have that many copyright claims either. However it could be because I have a very small channel and I don't monetize my videos.
  15. Zulk RS

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Guys! I have the leaked plot of Doom 6 right here: Leak of Doom 6's story
  16. Zulk RS

    How do I make it through school.

    I'm going to parrot the same advice of "Try to talk to someone." I will also say that people are different and can be different kinds of assholes. Sometimes ignoring your bullies work, sometimes it doesn't. Every person ticks differently so I can't really give you advice here. But yeah try to talk to someone, a professional if you can, a close friend or family member if you can't. Talking to someone about things that are bothering you tend to help. As for the girl that keeps calling you racist... that's really annoying and stressful. Sorry that happened to you. Again every human and every situation is different so what worked the best for me may not work the best for you. For me, one thing that hasn't failed me yet is being polite. I don't mean you have to make friends with people who bully you and people you dislike I mean that being calm about responses and focusing on cutting interactions with these people short when they approach. Also just because you're polite doesn't mean you have to be a pushover. Still say "No" when they tell you do something or take something from you that you don't want. I think people start to feel guilty and awkward bullying someone who is always cordial with everyone and peer pressure themselves into leaving you alone. Again, maybe I just got lucky. Every person and every situation is different. Just because being nice and polite to everyone worked for me, I don't know if it'll work for you but hey, that's an advice I can give.
  17. Zulk RS

    Do you think Doom 2 city maps are so "medieval"?

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Face Rocket" doesn't it ;)
  18. Zulk RS

    Do you think Doom 2 city maps are so "medieval"?

    Why does the Cyberdemon shoot rockets out of his crotch?
  19. Zulk RS

    Do you think Doom 2 city maps are so "medieval"?

    Yep! 1994 is the release date. I believe Doom 2 takes place in what the 22nd or 23rd century? I don't really know.
  20. Zulk RS

    Plutonia wasn't hard in compare to...

    How much a mapset accomodates a players play-style can also impact greatly on how hard it feels. I personally felt Plutonia harder than E4. However, I also found Plutonia harder than Ancient Aliens so there's that. Perhaps your playstyle is more suited to Plutonia than it is to E4. Also Plutonia is treated to be so hard is because the only thing it's being compared to is the IWADs. Out of Doom, Doom 2, TNT and Plutonia, Plutonia is extremely difficult. Yeah stuff like Hell Revealed, Memento Mori, Alien Vendetta are probably harder but they also aren't IWADs. Also if you bring Complex Doom in the mix, I can say it would turn E4 into a nightmare while making Plutonia still manageable. This is because E4 has a lot of mid and high tier monsters in small, tight rooms and on Complex Doom, that ends in very very difficult scenarios. Plutonia has more hitscanners and stuff and also gives you more space to move around. It will still cause a bump in difficulty but not by too much.
  21. Zulk RS

    How much space does your folder occupy where you play doom?

    6.08 GB... I need to clean up. It's mostly multiple copies of Zandronum and GZDoom and some Wads that I was too lazy to delete after playing them.
  22. Zulk RS

    Do you think Doom 2 city maps are so "medieval"?

    No comment on NuDoom cause I haven't played it but I kind of agree with the notion, "It's Doom. It doesn't have to make sense." Some of the coolest PWADs I've seen had architecture that didn't make sense. I even try to incorporate that idea in my own mapping. However I somewhat disagree though on the next point here asking about stuff in Doom is missing the point. Even though the guys at ID while making Doom had the attitude, "Story is expected to be here but it's not all that important." and just did whatever felt fun at the time, I still think it's fun to speculate and discuss. Like how pokemon fans often ask "What's under diglette". I had a lot of fun asking dumb questions about Doom that had no real answer like, "What did the Revenant look like before it was undead". I feel like the question asked in this thread is of a similar vein. "Why does the city levels not look like cities?" I don't think anyone really expects them to look like cities and also don't mind the fact that the look the way they do. It's just some fun fan discussion about what in-universe reason it may have to look like that and sharing head-canons. Trying to come up with ways things that don't have to make sense might make sense can be fun too.
  23. Zulk RS

    Do you think Doom 2 city maps are so "medieval"?

    I think that's because of stuff like engine limitations, texture choices and abstract design theme that the ID guys were going for. For an in-universe explanation though, I thought it made sense. In MAP07 a text screen tells you that the demons are bringing their own reality with them. Now what exactly that means is up in the air but the way I saw it was that when there's a lot of powerful demons in one place, that place slowly starts getting corrupted and warped into a hellish version of what it was. You see partial conversion in the later stages of the first third of Doom 2. I think O' of destruction was supposed to be some kind of command hub but out of all the space station levels, that one got corrupted the most so it looks the way it does. The buildings are brick and wood with draw-bridges and torches because what used to be sleek future tech (Though I personally don't think Doom's future is less clean and sleek like something out of Star Wars and more bulky and industrial so maybe "Sleek Future Tech" May not be appropriate) got converted into brick and stone. Switches that once activated lifts and operated machinery got linked to moving parts of the hellish architecture. Roads and bridges went from industrial and metallic to wooden and medieval. Light fixtures morphed into those metal grate things... etc. I can imagine that the Tenements were some kind of apartment complex or Tenements that all got morphed into single high-ceiling rooms, a open space in the middle with a fountain got warped into the acid pool that we see. I... may have an overactive imagination or I may be reading too deeply into it but that's how I saw the city levels. The deeper you went, the more corrupt the modern buildings got to the point of them not being recognizable anymore.
  24. Zulk RS

    Stuck on Spirit World - Doom 2

    Good ol' Big Mac Davis with his Doom 2 Guide.
  25. Zulk RS

    Stuck on Spirit World - Doom 2

    I'm sure you can look up a walkthrough on YouTube if you're really stuck. Spirit World IS a confusing map for new players and I got stuck there myself.