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  1. Neo Te Aika

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    spooky corridor time!
  2. Neo Te Aika

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    Cheers! Yeah I'm doing everything in dhewm3 atm, but considering looking into some of the recent BFG Edition derivatives that have come out. For the time being though the aim is to try and make a "gameplay vertical slice", something like a quick controlled 10 minute demo to get a feel for how well the idea works before I consider going full speed into it. Here's a few additions I've made in the last few days! Would anyone by chance know if brushes can be resized and transformed ingame with scripts? One of the concept mechanics in my idea involved a crystal substance that grows and spreads across the environment, blocking some doorways and other areas of interest. You can destroy the crystals, but the effect corrodes (destroys) some of the panels underneath. You'll take damage if you walk through, or you can wait for automated bots (using the Doom 3 sentry model for now) to come up and repair them.
  3. Hello! If there's any interest, I can make Roland SC-55K (karaoke unit of the 55, identical sound), Yamaha PLG100XG and MU500 recordings of the MIDIs, possibly also some music packs? though I'll need to look a bit into how to make them loop most optimally in ((G)Z)Doom
  4. Neo Te Aika

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    Small quick update. Not actually implemented ingame yet but this is a rough idea I have for what the HUD might look like. It feels like it should all be fairly doable with the GUI system except I'm not sure how long/if the readouts will all be doable how I'm imagining haha (my coding knowledge is very basic Python and ACS :P) The left display reacts to electrical emissions, it'll indicate electronics, including computer terminals, as well as mechanical devices, both friendly and hostile. The middle display is a sound meter (I hope to bring in some light stealth elements) It becomes less effective the more noise you generate yourself, but assists in marking out approximate locations of organic entities, but of course loud machinery or environments will mask signatures too. The right readout is multifunctional. It has a cardiogram that reflects your general health condition, but one type of enemy, Shadows, are not visible to the eye, however they will cause the BIO meter to fluctuate and glitch out. All meters (including the BIO meter specifically in regards to Shadow glitches) I'm aiming to make directional, so you can see the two left meters responding to the computer terminal. There's also a compass and readout for air when you enter vacuum areas. Still thinking how I want ammo to be displayed... :) Yesterday I started figuring out how GUIs work. I learned how the onTime functions operate to make this neat (but a bit intrusive) basic text animation. I plan for computer terminals to "unlock" in proximity, and that animation will play through just once as you leave said proximity and the terminal locks. Here's a rough mockup I made years ago (this idea started forming in 2016 as a GZDoom mod but life happened so it never really got underway) of how I imagined the terminals to function. I designed them with PabloDraw, with the full intent for them to be authentic DOS resolution. I'm still trying to figure out how to accurately adapt it exactly how I imagined but the frame graphic seems to be slightly lower resolution in the GUI system compared to the actual graphic I added, is that maybe a known TGA issue? Fonts are also being a pain, it seems like GUI's only work with a very specific font size, 12, and it's not an integer of the 8x16 VGA style fonts I was wanting to use, so it's not particularly crystal clear atm. The terminals take a lot of inspiration from the sentry gun readout in Aliens, and the terminals of Marathon, a game dear to my heart and one of the main inspirations for this game idea. The colour of the terminals indicate their main functions. Green terminals typically allow you to save your game (straight from Marathon's Pattern Buffers), or are general access terminals with public information (updating your automap from each terminal you find), control elevators to other levels, etc. Yellow are security terminals, they allow for restricted access functions, operate cameras, turrets, that kind of thing. White terminals are personal and often contain text/audio logs that can be downloaded to your PDA. The colour of the terminals also ideally makes them distinguishable from a distance, so you can tell what you're approaching before you actually get right up to it.
  5. Neo Te Aika

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    Hi! I've been working off and on with a game idea I've had for about five years, originallly it was a GZDoom mod and then last year was messing around with Trenchbroom and Quake, and after forcing myself to get used to Radiant style editing (still not a fan, but now I sorta get how it works a bit better so it's taking a while but I'll get there, lol) I had an idea to instead try to start sketching out map ideas in Doom 3! Here's the first rough area I've been working on for the last couple of days. The textures aren't well aligned, I really just threw random images onto various brushes but now that I've figured out you can select individual faces, I'll clean it up lol. There's also a GUI I've been working on, since the game was always planned to have a system for interactions very similar to Doom 3 and Alien Isolation. Looking forward to learning more about working with this engine! (If anyone knows any id tech 4 or Doom 3 modding discords, I'd love to join them!)
  6. Hey there! What the frick frack is this? Here's the title screen music for Xenotomb. Originally I actually started with this tracker module (the first 40ish seconds) but I changed to a MIDI since I knew my way around the MIDI format far more. The MIDI version was so damn cool that it actually slows down my SC-55 to a crawl, and notes trip all over each other. I've decided to go back to module format, to give the TC a more distinct sound compared to traditional Doom WADs. I'd love to hear what you all think of either the MIDI or the new tracker version, but I also switched to modules, because I want more seamless music file changes to prepare for a dynamic music system I plan to implement. There's a loop for the STARTUP lump's loading music, before the attached .s3m kicks into high gear! For convenience sake, since you likely don't want to spend the time to "changemus" and not everyone has an .s3m compatible media player, I've uploaded a .mp3 render to SoundCloud (downloadable)., and here's an SC-88 based render of the original MIDI (also SoundCloud). Both the original MIDI and .s3m file are attached though, if you want to check those out too! If you're reading this Plutonic, we really need to bugfix Crater... (Hope you're doing well!) Song (2018).zip Song (2016 MIDI).zip
  7. Neo Te Aika

    Music looks for a WAD

    These are some cool chiptunes, but I'd be real interested to hear some of your stuff without the use of GXSCC, do you have any base MIDI files?
  8. Neo Te Aika

    MIDI Originals [04/11/2022]

    Those XG recordings are just pure bliss. May I ask which Yamaha softsynth they were recorded from?
  9. Neo Te Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Sorry work has been dragging me around quite a bit lately. I can see that working pretty well. I've got some new MIDIs to upload soon as well.
  10. Neo Te Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Heh, no worries. I'm just relieved to hear that my music may actually be considered for the project. :) I've been pretty busy lately, hence why I haven't posted an update. I'll be uploading another track within the next week.
  11. Neo Te Aika

    MIDI Editors?

    FL Studio is my go-to for MIDI and basic VST sequencing. It's fairly low cost and you pay for lifetime updates, but the demo allows you to still import and export MIDI files, so even though you can't "open a project" in the demo, you can still work on a MIDI file just fine. My older retro computer has some old version of Cubase on it which is also pretty good. There's a free program called Anvil which I hear is alright, but I've never used it myself. You also have Reaper, which is really cheap, and the trial just has a splash window but is otherwise the full product. I recommend FL. The interface is easy enough to pick up quite quickly (relative to other programs)
  12. Neo Te Aika

    My awful music

    I like it! One trick I always like to employ is make some creative use of note volume variation. Just by tweaking the volume of only a few notes in the pattern you might hear a subtle but awesome improvement!
  13. Neo Te Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Something like this? Here's what I'm working on for C1M6 at the moment, although it probably doesn't mesh very well with a techbase map. Perhaps it would be better for one of the (whatever Freedoom's version of hell based maps would be called) style maps? C1M6.zip EDIT: That was actually the wrong MIDI, here's what I was working on, although maybe that could be good too. C1M6.zip (Actual one)
  14. Neo Te Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    If it'd help the project out, I can go through each WAD and balance the current tracks. I can also enhance the use of panning and velocity to make a few subtle improvements. I'm already working on an arrangement of Map01 that I can submit later, based on the average volume level of C3M1's MIDI (that seems like a good starting point for me at least) Here's an updated version of Shoreline (also edited other posts) and another track. Fight Or Flight. This was my go at an I Sawed The Demons type track a while ago but i never finished it. I tidied it up and added more so it was longer than like 30 seconds. Could work well in FreeDM but I'll need to work a bit longer on volume balancing. Fight or Flight.zip
  15. Neo Te Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Second submission added to first post called Shoreline. This track is all out action, so would probably be well suited to E3M8 (although I quite like what's already there), another large slaughterfest-ish map, or a DM track perhaps? Shoreline (Updated)