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  1. Hey there! What the frick frack is this? Here's the title screen music for Xenotomb. Originally I actually started with this tracker module (the first 40ish seconds) but I changed to a MIDI since I knew my way around the MIDI format far more. The MIDI version was so damn cool that it actually slows down my SC-55 to a crawl, and notes trip all over each other. I've decided to go back to module format, to give the TC a more distinct sound compared to traditional Doom WADs. I'd love to hear what you all think of either the MIDI or the new tracker version, but I also switched to modules, because I want more seamless music file changes to prepare for a dynamic music system I plan to implement. There's a loop for the STARTUP lump's loading music, before the attached .s3m kicks into high gear! For convenience sake, since you likely don't want to spend the time to "changemus" and not everyone has an .s3m compatible media player, I've uploaded a .mp3 render to SoundCloud (downloadable)., and here's an SC-88 based render of the original MIDI (also SoundCloud). Both the original MIDI and .s3m file are attached though, if you want to check those out too! If you're reading this Plutonic, we really need to bugfix Crater... (Hope you're doing well!) Song (2018).zip Song (2016 MIDI).zip
  2. Neo Te-Aika

    Music looks for a WAD

    These are some cool chiptunes, but I'd be real interested to hear some of your stuff without the use of GXSCC, do you have any base MIDI files?
  3. Neo Te-Aika

    MIDI Originals [09/23/20]

    Those XG recordings are just pure bliss. May I ask which Yamaha softsynth they were recorded from?
  4. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Sorry work has been dragging me around quite a bit lately. I can see that working pretty well. I've got some new MIDIs to upload soon as well.
  5. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Heh, no worries. I'm just relieved to hear that my music may actually be considered for the project. :) I've been pretty busy lately, hence why I haven't posted an update. I'll be uploading another track within the next week.
  6. Neo Te-Aika

    MIDI Editors?

    FL Studio is my go-to for MIDI and basic VST sequencing. It's fairly low cost and you pay for lifetime updates, but the demo allows you to still import and export MIDI files, so even though you can't "open a project" in the demo, you can still work on a MIDI file just fine. My older retro computer has some old version of Cubase on it which is also pretty good. There's a free program called Anvil which I hear is alright, but I've never used it myself. You also have Reaper, which is really cheap, and the trial just has a splash window but is otherwise the full product. I recommend FL. The interface is easy enough to pick up quite quickly (relative to other programs)
  7. Neo Te-Aika

    My awful music

    I like it! One trick I always like to employ is make some creative use of note volume variation. Just by tweaking the volume of only a few notes in the pattern you might hear a subtle but awesome improvement!
  8. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Something like this? Here's what I'm working on for C1M6 at the moment, although it probably doesn't mesh very well with a techbase map. Perhaps it would be better for one of the (whatever Freedoom's version of hell based maps would be called) style maps? C1M6.zip EDIT: That was actually the wrong MIDI, here's what I was working on, although maybe that could be good too. C1M6.zip (Actual one)
  9. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    If it'd help the project out, I can go through each WAD and balance the current tracks. I can also enhance the use of panning and velocity to make a few subtle improvements. I'm already working on an arrangement of Map01 that I can submit later, based on the average volume level of C3M1's MIDI (that seems like a good starting point for me at least) Here's an updated version of Shoreline (also edited other posts) and another track. Fight Or Flight. This was my go at an I Sawed The Demons type track a while ago but i never finished it. I tidied it up and added more so it was longer than like 30 seconds. Could work well in FreeDM but I'll need to work a bit longer on volume balancing. Fight or Flight.zip
  10. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Second submission added to first post called Shoreline. This track is all out action, so would probably be well suited to E3M8 (although I quite like what's already there), another large slaughterfest-ish map, or a DM track perhaps? Shoreline (Updated)
  11. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Ah yep. Thanks for your feedback! I can see how it might be much more suited to FreeDM, where intense tracks probably belong better. I'll keep chucking up some more tracks here, anyone absolutely feel free to use them. EDIT: Actually going from what you said there, howabout a track like this one I made for DUMP 3. This track itself is probably way too intense because I intentionally tried to make it as Bobby Prince-ish as I could but in terms of the in your face-ness perhaps it's more suitable? Killing Floor.zip
  12. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Thanks! I'm working on a darker track for C1M6 at the moment, should be done later tonight.
  13. Neo Te-Aika

    Neon's Freedoom Music Project (Submissions: 3!)

    Glad to hear that. I really felt it needed something heavy since it's the first map for the episode and it relieves me to find someone that agrees.
  14. Original post below Composed with FL Studio 12 and a Roland SC-55 (GM compatible Mk.I), GS effects may be used in some tracks, including reverb, chorus, filter cutoff and resonance. These effects simply just won't trigger if your MIDI device doesn't recognize them, so it won't sound terrible all of a sudden. All tracks are tested and optimized to sound good with these soundfonts and MIDI devices: These are of course just my ideas for Freedoom. Feel free to use them or not, but I would absolutely love to hear feedback! Cheers! Into The Tomb Shoreline (Updated) Fight or Flight EDIT: Here are my thoughts on the current soundtrack.
  15. Neo Te-Aika

    Title music for Doom TC:

    Hi all! You might know me from the ZDoom forums as combatxtreme. I created Crater and its music Killing Floor for DUMP 3 (Map 12), and I'm currently working on a Doom TC with friends, it's kinda inspired by Aliens, and I'm trying to get a very electronic feel with the music, while making sure it can fit a shooter vibe. Anyways, thought I'd share the title screen music with you guys, would love to hear what you think! Below are two links, one for the GS MIDI, and an MP3 recording of the track going through my Roland SC-55. The MIDI sounds pretty good with quite a few different soundfonts including Arachno and Weed's, as well as OPL in my opinion. :) MIDI download MP3 download MP3 (SoundCloud link)