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  1. The Civ

    Random Thought -- ARC level

    Eternal's earth levels gave me really big Build game vibes all throughout, especially Duke 3D. Arc Complex was the most prominent of these definitely, what with all the advertisement parodies, the general level setup and feel, the real world twisted to fit gameplay style. It's easily one of my favorites.
  2. The Civ

    DoomGuy in the flesh. Behind the helmet.

    I refuse to believe he looks this fucked given how normal he looks from the side-shot of his face at the start, plus what we do see of him. That, as well as the concept art of his head.
  3. The Civ

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    For me, Eternal is literally the closest any AAA FPS production has come to feeling like a 90s shooter since then. But I'd actually compare it more to something like Duke 3D than Doom, but that's a good thing imo. Arc Complex feels like something right out of those Build engine games and I fucking love it. This game has definitely opened sort of a weird rift but I hope they keep pressing on in this direction and refining it more (cleaning up some of the messy stuff like the Marauder in an otherwise fantastic game). The level design is damn near immaculate and I can't get enough of the combat flow at this point. There definitely is a point where it just clicks for most people, and for others it just doesn't it seems, probably if you're just stubborn and brute force your way through the way you want to play. The thing is, even playing the intended way, there's a million ways to approach and fight each scenario. It's not a limiting factor, it's just learning a general gameplay flow, like the meta for an online game, you know? The best short-term descriptor I could give Eternal is a first-person character action game meets Build engine Doom. Bit of a weird one but I fucking love it. You get so many tones of that character action feel through the layers to the combat and how you can use your moveset to basically combo and eliminate enemies fast if you know what they're susceptible to.
  4. Really wishing I hadn't bought the CE right about now, because it funnels you into buying the Bethesdanet Launcher version of the game, not Steam's. No matter what I do, the Bethesdanet Helper that tries to launch the game crashes and closes immediately and the game never even starts. I bought the Collector's Edition, and you're funneling me into a version of the game that's not even gonna work on release night? I'd planned tonight around the launch and basically put the last of my non-essential cash for the month towards PC parts prior to release so I can't even pick up a Steam copy as a last ditch effort. I'm beyond disappointed with Beth yet again.
  5. The Civ

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    This newest release seems to introduce a slew of bizarre issues that aren't present in my 5.7.1 download. There's now some pretty excessive mouse-lag with vsync enabled, which never occurs in 5.7.1 for me, and the audio as a whole seems to be just not playing. No music either, which means it's not going to my midi driver in the first place it seems. I still have my backend set to directsound, to circumvent the chipmunk audio bug from previous releases. So there shouldn't be any audio issues present at all.
  6. The Civ

    Personalize Your DOOM Slayer

    Silly skins are cool and all but how come a unicorn and not some silly over the top bunny skin?
  7. The Civ

    Bestheda Game Days Stream of Doom Eternal

    I really doubt they'd tease that for the whole game without you getting to hop into one at least once.
  8. The Civ

    Doom Eternal TV Spot Trailer

    The live action 2016 trailer used some pretty heavy (for TV) music, why couldn't this do the same? I really hope we get something similar to that trailer closer to release, because especially for a game they're more confident in, this lacking advertising is really embarrassing.
  9. The Civ

    What is the best Quake source port?

    It's already been mentioned, but MarkV is definitely my personal favorite. Quake will always be best in software rendering to me. None of the axis-fighting texture clipping problems. Also just richer colors in general. Quakespasm is the easy number 2, and for certain mods like Arcane Dimensions, definitely number 1.
  10. Where did we see it before this video? I thought this was the first time it popped up.
  11. The Civ

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Just using this, keeping it simple here and loading it with just Doom 2 for example. I have all the files in a "WADS" subfolder under my crispy installation, and then the individual D4V_v2.5.8 folder which has all the appropriate files. Checked, and the D4V.deh file is in the same directory as the D4V.WAD file that I'm pointing it to. Do I have to re-clarify the file path when loading the .deh file too, like I did for the WAD?
  12. The Civ

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    By installation, I just meant setting it up with my personal copies of choco and crispy, and setting up the .bats to run with those file paths. I assumed that maybe it was an issue with that, but I plugged my .exes of crispy and choco into the files that come with D4V, and it still was broken. So I'm assuming it's a problem with the most recent snapshots of both, since I'm using those rather than the public releases.
  13. The Civ

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Running into a bit of a bizarre issue. Created my own installation with the proper file paths on the latest versions of both Chocolate and Crispy Doom, and both seem to have an issue where enemies freeze before the final frame of their death animations play.
  14. The Civ

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    Imo, the ideal Quake reboot would be a game that, while retaining the fast action gameplay that current id is known for, focuses more on the horror aspect and is a little less tongue in cheek and over the top. I remember in a post-release panel in 2016 or so, some of the devs were talking about how early on with 2016, they had struggled to find the right balance with the gore between being cartoony and ridiculous, and genuinely gross/disturbing. A good direction for Quake would be to bank on that instead. Make the visuals disturbing, the gore disgusting, and strip away the player's power fantasy. Create fear through sound design, as well as sheer intimidation. Overpowering enemies in overbearing numbers, with intelligent AI to boot. Basically, go for a more abstract kind of fear. Because Quake should never be slow and tedious either, with jumpscares and etc. You can create an even better sense of horror through the action, and keep it fun to play like the current Doom games.
  15. I've been dying to see that early 2016 footage just for the vacuum cleaner. That sounds like a shitpost but it isn't. I remember other details being described about that footage that weren't in the final game that I'd love to see too.
  16. The Civ

    Chocolate Doom

    I'm trying to run a server for some friends to play some co-op, but running into an issue where any time they try to connect, they lose connection. I've port forwarded properly, and it says that my server is up on the master list, but even when they directly connect via my address, they lose connection after a few moments. Is there something I'm missing? I've noticed that it seems to be pretty consistent no matter what setup I use. EDIT: I've tried the exact same setup with Crispy Doom and it worked there. Seems to be a problem exclusive to Chocolate Doom for some bizarre reason.
  17. The populated Zandronum servers that are overloaded with every gameplay mod imaginable are incredibly stale, repetitive, and boring, and it sucks that there's really no active general Deathmatch or Co-Op games anymore.
  18. The Civ

    IGN First Look stuff

    Love this a lot. The fortress he's in at the start reminds me so much of some of the original game's Ep 3 in terms of aesthetics. Bit of Doom 64 too. I will say that I'm not the biggest fan of the Chainsaw tutorial though. Why not just have a zombie in the room you can test it out on? Those tutorial rooms were how the demo at Quakecon 2019 started, but I assumed that they were just for the sake of teaching players everything right there in a short demo, not for the actual game.
  19. Honestly I'd agree for the most part. Plutonia's biggest problem is that the latter six or so maps start to really drag, but overall I'd say the map quality is more consistent than 2, and almost always more visually striking than either of them. Hell, you have to give them a lot of props just for making a city level that actually kind of looked like a city, at least when put next to Doom 2's.
  20. The Civ

    IGN First Look stuff

    They've only shown two levels, and like, 7 minute clips of each one. Collectively we have about 15 minutes of footage from an alleged 15+ hour game. I wouldn't worry too much about surprises being spoiled.
  21. The Civ

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    Also, while Doom is Mick Gordon's domain, I would love if they could get Trent back for another Quake soundtrack, should they return to the series. Imagine the dynamic soundtrack tech working with Trent's music. Going from the soft, eerie, atmospheric tracks of Quake 1, into hard hitting NIN bangers during combat.
  22. The Civ

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    I'd love more Doom, but honestly I'd rather id take a bit of a break on Doom after Eternal just to let more new ideas ruminate in their minds for a bit longer, let the creativity build back up, and in the meantime I'd love for their next project to be a return to Singleplayer Quake. I wanna see what current id could do with Quake 1's world.
  23. Ah, I'd meant to say bane, good catch, lol.
  24. The Civ

    Appreciation from a longtime lurker

    Tested out the devbuild, and same result. Seems to be consistent across all versions of PrBoom and Eternity. No other ports have carried this problem though, which is interesting to me. Must be something exclusive to how they handle V-Sync, and possibly how it reacts with certain NVidia drivers? I've actually found a fork of PrBoom+ that allows for windowed fullscreen, which is a good temporary fix for me, but here's to hoping this workaround makes it into the main builds some day.
  25. Carmack was good for open source but I think he became a bit of a bane for id Software in the later years, especially from Doom 3 onwards. The development of megatexture tech dragged down the actual game development, for in my opinion, very diminishing returns. Rage would have been significantly better if it hadn't been so hard focused on megatextures and used that time more wisely in development. The tech began to override the gameplay, something that imo already began happening with Doom 3 and Quake 4, which especially in hindsight feel like tech demos with the loose skin of the respective franchises on them. If Carmack had stayed, I don't believe we would have gotten the version of Doom 2016 that we did get, and I feel the company would still be in a bizarre limbo state.