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  1. The Civ

    Monster Doors

    Ok, I realized my problem. Every time the door opens, it actually moves INTO the ground. Like, buries itself into the bottom of the map. If I can fix this, I may be able to get it to work, yet I tried everything, but it still just goes into the ground. I wonder if this is a problem that can't be fixed?
  2. The Civ

    Monster Doors

    I tried this, yet it still doesn't work... It's probably me that's doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what. It's odd, because I gave the monster, and the Door the exact same sector tag, yet it seems as if they are not recognizing each other.
  3. The Civ

    Monster Doors

    I'm using GZDoom Builder, and plan on using it in GZDoom only.
  4. The Civ


    Post some of the best DOOM wallpapers here. Can't seem to find any ones that look great yet, so go ahead and post any you find that you think are cool.
  5. Not really sure if it counts, but I remember a while back, I had a really weird dream, where it was just like DOOM, except instead of me playing the game, DOOM was real life. (for example, in the dream, I wasn't playing a pixelated game, I was living in a realistic "DOOM" world.) The oddest part, was that I was a Baron of Hell, instead of being the hero, and I was just chillin' in Hell, with some other Barons and Hell Knights, when all of a sudden, the door burst open, and a whole bunch of UAC Marines started pouring through the doors, blasting the shit out of us. All of my friends, (even though they were also demons) were all dying, and all I could do was just fight them with those Green Lightning balls I could shoot from my hands. That dream made me realize how terrifying that situation would be for the Demons too.
  6. The Civ

    Hexen Walkthrough

    Just recently, I bought a boxed copy of Hexen, for DOS. Of course I ran it on a sourceport, but I mainly bought it for the physical value of the box, and more importantly, the poster that is in near mint condition. Although, I noticed something interesting. The game/box was used, and inside the box, I found an extra packet of papers. They turned out to be a walkthrough of the game written on a typewriter. At the top, it says that the walkthrough is by two guys by the name of Hwei Teoh, and David Madsen. It has a good 67 pages to it, with the page numbers written in pencil. On the first page is also a list of console commands for the game, also written in pencil. I would just like to know if this is anything of interest, or if it is just the work of two teenagers with too much time.
  7. The Civ

    Hexen Walkthrough

    You see, the thing is, this was written up on a typewriter, not printed.
  8. The Civ

    Trailer Speculation

    I have some new ideas about what could possibly be happening in the trailer/what they are hinting at so far. -I'm not sure if the Demon shown in the trailer is actually a Cyberdemon. While it may be similar, for some reason, it looked more like a Hell Knight, or Baron of Hell to me. (furry legs) -The door sounds, and even the texture for the door, appeared to be remakes of a door from the original games, making me think that they want fans to know that they are going to return to the gameplay style of the originals. Feel free to add your own speculations, and improve/discuss mine.
  9. The Civ

    MIDI Music

    I am currently making a WAD, and I would like to create some unique music for it. What are some of the best tools for making MIDI music? It would be best if the program was free, as well.
  10. The Civ

    Thoughts on violence/combat

    I totally agree with lot's of this. While Doom 3 wasn't necessarily a bad game, one of my main problems was that it failed to replicate the feeling and atmosphere of the original Doom games well. In fact, most of the time, it felt like they just took a level from Halo, pasted in demons, made it a little darker, and called it Doom 3. I also would like the enemy designs to resemble the original Doom 1 and 2 designs a bit more. And many details in the trailer lead me to realize that they may actually be incredibly realistic versions of the monsters from Doom 1 and 2.
  11. The Civ

    Custom Weapons

    I just made a custom joke weapon, a spork. I have created the weapon sprites/frames, put the correct Cyan color in the background for transparency, and placed the sprites over the original fist/punching sprites in SLADE, yet when I open the WAD in GZDoom, it only shows the original fist and animations. What am I doing wrong?
  12. The Civ

    Custom Weapons

    I've done everything. I've touched up the sprites, and put a DECORATE file into the WAD, yet now, the fist weapon doesn't appear at all when I load the WAD.
  13. I have recently decided to make a WAD with lots of custom textures. I threw them together in paint, opened them in SLADE 3 to convert them, yet when I load the texture WAD into Doom Builder 2, it says that I have 0 textures in that folder, even though the WAD name shows up on the texture selection screen. What am I doing wrong?
  14. The Civ

    Virus and Zandronum issue

    Recently I decided to install Virus, the popular total conversion WAD for Doom 2. I even attempted to create my own server on Zandronum running that. One problem. It seems as if it has somehow messed up Zandronum. And BAD. The space behind the DOOM Marine's head is now green, instead of black, I cannot jump, and several other things are amiss. Is there any simple way to fix this? At the moment, it is making the game unplayable.
  15. The Civ

    Virus and Zandronum issue

    I asked them, and the only reply I got was this:
  16. The Civ

    Virus and Zandronum issue

    That's not my problem. My problem is that it screwed up the game for me ENTIRELY. No matter what I play now, (Deathmatch, CTF, ZDoom Wars)it has those problems.
  17. I recently began to work on a new, and my first DOOM WAD. I plan to have at least 3 levels in the WAD in total, although I only have 1 finished at the moment. I would like any possible advice on how to improve it. Here is a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2j9vgkvyw5j9tj2/Pile+of+Skulls.zip I would just like some basic opinions, and advice on how to improve it. I made this in ZDOOM format, and tested it myself in it's derivative, GZDOOM. You will need a copy of DOOM 2 to run this WAD. Here is a screenshot of the main teleporter room, since many people like to see screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/DRxbv0Y.jpg?1
  18. The Civ

    Zandronum HUD

    Many times when I play Zandronum, or any other sourceport for that matter, I like to crank up the resolution to the native 1920x1080. Even though the HUD, (Health, face, ammo, etc.) works fine, certain things, such as the Multiplayer chat become VERY small. To the point where I have to get 2 inches away from the screen to read it. I've fiddled around with the options, but I can't find anything to make it bigger. Am I stupid, and just missing an option that is right in front of my eyes? If not, is there any possible way to change it?
  19. The Civ

    Opinions on my WAD/Advice on improvement

    I have no problem with negative criticism, just as long as they aren't purposely trying to annoy me, with stuff like: "EVERYTHING SUCKS, YOU ARE SHIT AT MAPPING, JUMP OFF A CLIFF." I don't even get offended at that stuff, I just get really annoyed at them. This is my very first WAD, so I expected it to be a bit crappy, and the only way I can get better, is by doing more and more.
  20. The Civ

    Teleporters in Doom Builder

    I recently began work on a WAD, and in the very first section, I use a teleporter. Until this point, I didn't realize that I have never used a teleporter in one of my WADS before this. So, I set it up, changed the appropriate properties, and after some trial and error, even followed a few guides online on how to do it. Although, I keep running into one problem. I step into the teleporter, and about 20% of the time, it will play the teleportation animation and sound, yet I will remain in the same spot. Note that this only happens about 20% of the time. The other 80% of the time, it will work fine. Also note that the problem used to be even worse than it is now. It used to screw up just about every time I would enter it, but I have fixed it slightly. Any ideas on what to do?
  21. The Civ

    Teleporters in Doom Builder

    Thanks for the help so far. I'll be sure to try some of this stuff later. (have to go to a family members birthday). I'll be sure to tell you if it works or not.