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  1. The Civ

    DOOM's Next Update + Multiplayer Improvements

  2. We don't get anything down here really. All I've got is a Hexen box with the manual, and a copy of Quake, but that doesn't exactly count.
  3. The Civ

    FOV Related Lighting Issue/Bug

    So far, DOOM has been almost entirely free of visual bugs, at least for me, so once I noticed this issue, I can't stop seeing it every time I play. For whatever reason, it seems that the lighting on gun models is tied to the FOV, even though the size of the gun model itself changes only very slightly with the increase of the FOV. Therefore, increasing the FOV to anything above the base 90 ends up creating several cutoff points for each light on the gun, said cutoff point being where the light would end on what it assumes is the end of the screen, so it seems that for some reason, increasing the FOV, actually scales the lighting as well. This can most prominently be seen below on the Combat Shotgun, and on the BFG 9000, where the lighting is cut off below, and on the right side of the light source, rather than fading out as it normally would when the FOV is set to 90. This issue seems like it would be a simple fix, but then again, I have no idea what the inner workings of idTech 6 are like. It's only a minor visual problem, but since playing with the FOV set at anything below 110 is disorienting for me, it's just a tad annoying.
  4. The Civ

    DOOM Just Updated

    DOOM just got an 82.3 MB update through Steam. Any info on what might've been changed/added/fixed? For some reason hasn't gotten an update changelog.
  5. The Civ

    Today I got my Chubbymoose

    It would be good if it didn't have that weird-ass light blue slapped onto it's hand and jaw. Almost looks like a paint fuckup.
  6. You're so fucking cool man. God damn, look how edgy and awesome you are. I gotta say, you really got those youngsters! Sarcasm aside, you're the one that needs to grow the fuck up if you can't handle someone else having a different opinion. Absolutely embarrassing really, when you're trying to tout yourself as the hottest, oldest, and wisest shit in town
  7. The Civ

    Hackers already

    I know that you're like, 16, and it's in your DNA right now to be as edgy as possible, but you just look like a fucking jackass talking about you and your hacker friends fighting the scary battle of "CYBERWARFARE".
  8. The Civ

    The bitching about the MP

    It's just boring. There's not much fun in spawning, running out, shooting a few chaingun shots, getting hit with a few chaingun shots, and dying. Now wash, rinse, and repeat.
  9. The Civ

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    1. DOOM 2. DOOM '16 3. DOOM 2 4. DOOM 64 5. FINAL DOOM 6. DOOM 3/ROE
  10. The Civ

    Welp, guess I won't be doing any tutorials

    I can't fucking believe this game doesn't support my Roland SC-55 sound card. What is this?
  11. The Civ

    Snapmap suffers from major bugs!

    SnapMap suffers from being SnapMap.
  12. The Civ

    The Next Doom

    You do realize that this game is a sequel to DOOM 64, and not an origin story, right?
  13. The Civ

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    It really does. When you first open the door, you get a view of the four pillars with paths to the left, and north of the pillars. The path left takes you to a flight of stairs which leads to a big watchtower style room with windows all around, just like the armor room in the original.
  14. The Civ

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    Because consoles are the reason that MP and SnapMap have two weapon limits, and Snapmap is so limited, to the point of having a 12 enemy maximum. Everything has to be optimized for console controls and performance, at the expense of the game's depth and quality.
  15. The Civ

    Weapons vs Monsters Guide

    I've found that the lock-on rockets, and the Plasma Rifle's stun shot work best against Summoners. Either blast them with a barrage of rockets that will follow them, or stun them with your Plasma Rifle from a distance, and quickly run in to get a few good SSG shots in up close.
  16. The Civ

    Porting monster behavior over

    It's 3DGE exclusive, so it might as well not exist.
  17. Count me in! I already have my own, but I'm entering for a friend who really wants the game, and I know would really enjoy this.
  18. The Civ

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    That might actually be for the game's B-Day. I'm thinking that it only appears on March 13th, which today actually is, so it's technically the game's Birthday right now.
  19. The reasoning is pretty simple, even if it is bullshit. No weapon wheel for multiplayer SnapMap supports multiplayer. They know that fumbling through 10 or so weapons with a controller would be a nightmare without the wheel, so they slap on a weapon limit. Great way to ruin any mode/creativity.
  20. Kinda wish I went with standard, because I'm still sitting around waiting for my game.
  21. The Civ

    How is the HUD? It's a Nightmare: A Visual Rant

    Did you seriously just say that you won't pick up a good game from your favorite franchise, even from the bargain bin, just because the HUD is too small for your taste?
  22. The Civ

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    But it's a literal meme that's been overused, spammed, and was honestly never funny in the first place. It's so fucking old too. It was cringworthy even in games 4 years ago. I just don't see the need beat the dead horse by putting a really, really stale joke in your game, especially 5 years after the fact.
  23. The Civ

    Bugs and other issues so far

    NOTE: This post invalidates all previous, and future opinions you may express on this website. Please have a nice day.
  24. The Civ

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    The yellow lighting's description says something about it creating a dramatic effect.
  25. The Civ

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    I just want to know who's head is on a spike this time around, since Marty said there will definitely be one. Whoever finds it first will be king.