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  1. Then Doom '16 will have sprites, and lots of them, and the BFG is now made of donuts and shoots automatically as soon as you pick it up.

    1. The Civ

      The Civ

      I had a dream over a year ago now, just before the reveal, that I showed up to E3 to see DOOM being presented, only for DOOM '16 to be a re-textured DOOM 3 with centered weapons and double jumps, with maps that were just barren rooms slapped together in the SDK in like, an hour.
      They didn't even have it running in widescreen.

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  2. I know nobody will really care, but I thought I'd share this just because it brings back some really good memories :)

    Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85021129/1.WAD

    1. The Civ

      The Civ

      My first WAD committed literally every single sin in the book.
      Miss-aligned Textures, practically shapeless rooms, lack of theme, Cyberdemon in the first map, a secret with literally every single powerup and gun just plopped onto each other, etc.
      I could list this shit all day. What's awful is that I know it's still floating around out there. I think the thread is still up too.
      What's even worse is that it couldn't have been more than two years ago either.

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  3. I just want to say that I laughed my ass off at that whole password thread. Especially the part where dew did a noble thing but it was turned against him, I didn't expect that plot twist at all! Fucking hilarious. :D

    1. The Civ

      The Civ

      HavoX said:

      I clicked on this thread expecting an apology to the community. :(

      Oh and I didn't find that thread funny at all

      Chill out man. Nobody got hurt here, you can calm down.

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  4. I did some Afocal Photography with an iPhone 5S.

    Telescope: Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ

    I rotated the photos for a less vertical feeling.

    The video is kinda crappy. Actually getting a steady focus require hands of boron as far as I know.

    1. The Civ

      The Civ

      Kinda crazy that you can get such a great image with an iPhone and a Telescope.
      I really like the ones where the shadows of the craters become very apparent.

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  5. My spam folder is filled entirely with Christian and hymn-related message titles. I find this very strange, is this the way it things are nowadays?

    How about you, have you seen the lord in your dumpster?

    1. The Civ

      The Civ

      Woah, I thought I was the only one getting a shitton of religious spam Emails.

      This is just a little peek at my Spam folder. This doesn't count all the stuff that leaks through into my Inbox, not to mention the countless addresses I've already blocked.
      I have no idea why so many of them aren't even in English.

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