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  1. I've actually been having problems with audio myself since 3.0.1, and every daily build since.

    Doesn't cross my mind much admittedly because I've just used 3.0.0 for the longest time since I had assumed it might pass with a few daily builds and be fixed, but it hasn't how much later.

    Not sure what's the cause either, and it's really bizarre since it's just not running audio in the slightest, checking the volume mixer gives me nothing, not even Chocolate Doom itself, let alone the midiproc.

    It's just straight up no audio, and no configuration seems to remedy it either. The same settings work just fine on every version of Crispy, and every 3.0.0 and prior build of Chocolate, so I'm not sure what's up here.

  2. 3 hours ago, buvk said:

    Lastly, it contains an audio file called DSSECRET.  I assume they were going to use this as the sound played when a secret is found, but it doesn't look like that was implemented.  They might be using it elsewhere, but I haven't played it enough to know where.

    That's really interesting. Has it been ripped at all? Curious as to what it sounds like, given how I'm so used to the secret sound effect most sourceports use at this point.

  3. I'm aware of how the Mordeth Bridge effect works, but for a while now I've been curious as to how BTSX Map 01 makes its bridge work.

    It's incredibly impressive in vanilla given the real floor on it, and the fact that enemies can walk across it while the player isn't there, as well as the shadow beneath it for the added depth. Is it just a modified Mordeth Bridge trick, or something else?



  4. 2 hours ago, DwarfCleric said:

    I feel like Midi has become such a hassle that I would recommend maybe one solution would be including the Prboom/LZdoom portions of the code specific to music playback, they are shipping with their own self-contained Midi synthesizer instead of relying on a system-wide one.

    I don't know how logistically easy it would would be to introduce into Crispy, but I would second this absolutely.

    Another positive side-effect of that implementation is that other midi drivers like VirtualMidiSynth and Timidity can be controlled via in-game volume options.

    One of the biggest hassles of Chocolate and Crispy when using those drivers is that the volume must be controlled externally either via Windows' volume mixer, or the driver program's own equalizer.

    PrBoom and LZDoom don't have this issue whatsoever and it's easy to control the volume right in-game. Helps avoid annoying discrepancies when switching between ports. Always have to go into driver software and lower the volume when switching to Crispy or the likes if I've just come from using another port.

  5. Here's the link to the Borderless Windowed "fake fullscreen" fork of PrBoom+ I use to circumvent it.

    You have to insert it via a separate command in the shortcut or GUI launcher, but it works very well.

    If there's no way around fixing this inherent issue with SDL2 ports, I feel like introducing an easily toggled option for Borderless Windowed mode as a video mode would be a really helpful workaround.

    It's fixed the problem for me in both Eternity and PrBoom+. Hoping to see it get carried into an official Pr release in the future.

  6. Just figured it out, the choppiness in the mouse movement has something to do with v-sync.

    Installations 2.7.1 and prior didn't need v-sync enabled to avoid screen tearing. It simply never was a problem, even with the framerate uncapped.

    Which is even more bizarre thinking on it. Were those versions running on a sort of borderless windowed style of fake fullscreen to avoid the need for v-sync?

    Regardless, after checking the prior version of 2.7.2 as well, it seems that they all require v-sync to avoid screen tearing with the framerate uncapped now, but doing so introduces rather choppy mouse movement.

    I'd actually run into a similar situation prior with PrBoom+ where enabling v-sync would cause a very similar problem, however the issue is far less pronounced in Crispy Doom so far. Only way around it was to find a branch of it someone had created that allowed it to run in borderless windowed mode.

  7. Noticing something strange with Zodo's new release where mouse movement is rather choppy in comparison to 2.7.1.

    I've copied my mouse setup 1:1 with my 2.7.1 installation, made sure everything is set up just the same, but I've noticed that specifically when I'm strafing, and moving the mouse in the opposite direction, it's a noticeably choppy movement. Really obvious any time I'm circle-strafing something.

  8. Eternal's earth levels gave me really big Build game vibes all throughout, especially Duke 3D.

    Arc Complex was the most prominent of these definitely, what with all the advertisement parodies, the general level setup and feel, the real world twisted to fit gameplay style.

    It's easily one of my favorites.

  9. For me, Eternal is literally the closest any AAA FPS production has come to feeling like a 90s shooter since then.

    But I'd actually compare it more to something like Duke 3D than Doom, but that's a good thing imo. Arc Complex feels like something right out of those Build engine games and I fucking love it.

    This game has definitely opened sort of a weird rift but I hope they keep pressing on in this direction and refining it more (cleaning up some of the messy stuff like the Marauder in an otherwise fantastic game).

    The level design is damn near immaculate and I can't get enough of the combat flow at this point. There definitely is a point where it just clicks for most people, and for others it just doesn't it seems, probably if you're just stubborn and brute force your way through the way you want to play.

    The thing is, even playing the intended way, there's a million ways to approach and fight each scenario. It's not a limiting factor, it's just learning a general gameplay flow, like the meta for an online game, you know?

    The best short-term descriptor I could give Eternal is a first-person character action game meets Build engine Doom.

    Bit of a weird one but I fucking love it. You get so many tones of that character action feel through the layers to the combat and how you can use your moveset to basically combo and eliminate enemies fast if you know what they're susceptible to.

  10. Really wishing I hadn't bought the CE right about now, because it funnels you into buying the Bethesdanet Launcher version of the game, not Steam's.

    No matter what I do, the Bethesdanet Helper that tries to launch the game crashes and closes immediately and the game never even starts.

    I bought the Collector's Edition, and you're funneling me into a version of the game that's not even gonna work on release night?

    I'd planned tonight around the launch and basically put the last of my non-essential cash for the month towards PC parts prior to release so I can't even pick up a Steam copy as a last ditch effort.

    I'm beyond disappointed with Beth yet again.