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  1. VGA

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    You can try Russian Doom (Russian Heretic?)
  2. VGA

    Doom renderer question

    @kalensar I don't think you have understood that the OP has ported Doom (again) to the 32x and is trying to fix the rendering of his source port.
  3. If I try to use a Dualshock gamepad (in the emulator!) then when I select the Doom episode, the gamepad stops working. I need to go to the emulator settings and change the device to Digital gamepad. Is that normal?
  4. VGA

    He Came From Beyond

    I also encourage you! I suggest you put out a demo on Steam like Supplice did. To get some feedback.
  5. Commander Keen dying is the best Doom sound! And best Commander Keen sound, too.
  6. We have enough streaming/music/podcast services ....
  7. Why would it be worked on during company time or on their computers? Huh? Why would you make such a comment in the first place?
  8. Yes, the sprites are redone by members of the community. Any original alignment issues or the stray weird brown pixel on the SSG or random transparent pixels are fixed.
  9. Yes, it is a total replacement for the monster sprite animations!
  10. Just quit your job, bruh!! LOL just kidding, thanks for the awesome port!
  11. What about that zip that @fraggle posted earlier on this page?
  12. Main purpose of DEHEXTRA was to overcome the very limited number of unused frames and things.
  13. Holy shit, there was a lot of backtracking in the first map, got lost a couple of times. Good gunplay, though. I like the information screens :D
  14. I suspected as much. I mean ... the mod hasn't changed :D