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  1. Hello, I just saw this video and thought I'd spread the news about this mod (which I am downloading as soon as I have a bit of time) It's a mod for RtCW that balances the difficulty, adds some weapons, 3D models etc. Been a while till I've played RtCW, it has a great story and smooth gameplay (what you can expect from the Quake 3 engine) Features list: Based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, better sounds and x64 support New weapons: TT33, MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97, Revolver New models for the vanilla weapons, including world models Rebalanced weapons characteristics Rebalanced AI Overhauled sounds New HUD and UI New difficulty system And more!
  2. Any videos similar to Slaughterfest?

    Hm? I am sure if you search for the names of well known slaughtermaps, you will find a lot of them on Youtube. Almost always when searching for playthroughs, I find what I am looking for. (Usually when I get stuck on a map lol) You can also go to that speedrunning site, compet-n I think it's called and download demos for the maps you want, then play them back through prboom+ or Eternity Engine. So you have perfect visual quality and constant 60fps slaughterrrring, you can replace the music or turn it off and have something else playing in the background etc.
  3. This crash...

    Which version of Zandronum are you using? And why don't you report the crash to their forum? (Unless it's an old version, then they won't care)
  4. Yes this is a mod that only changes the weapons to be smooth and with black gloves. You can also load my SMOOTHED mod to also have smooth enemies, explosions etc
  5. Hello, I converted this project to DEHACKED: PerK's Smoother Weapon Animations Enhanced (Black Gloves Edition) It is basically making the default weapons much smoother and is the black gloves version, because that's what Doomguy is wearing, he is not a lumberjack. :D Compatible with Doom Retro and Crispy Doom. Credits: Version 5: https://tinyurl.com/yde5reuo Mirror: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiVQX0Or4E1vjwutqKomy1mLAQt7
  6. Hm? I love that catchy electro-beat!
  7. It's weird that they wiped that game, even though it was unplayable. In other cases where games have been pulled from the Steam store, they are available forever for the buyers. I am confident that all my games will be there, forever. Anyway, about Ion Maiden, played a bit more, I don't see any dynamic lights, I guess it's Polymost. It's rather dark and the enemies are dark as well, it's hard to tell what's what. Also, fighting so many hitscan enemies, especially when you get on the open area after the start, is like a war of attrition on your health, rather annoying. You fire hitscans, they fire hitscans, everybody hitscans YAY! Not where the FUCK are some medkits? Anyway, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to retro shooters, IM is way above some of the bullshit I've seen.
  8. In 15 years there will absolutely still be Steam around. Jon's disks? Not so much :D Now let's get back on-topic: Will they release a version that has smooth framerate or what? I know it's early access but they are using eduke32 which has so many years of development... Is Ion Maiden using Polymer or Polymost?
  9. DOOM Retro v2.6.7 (updated February 23, 2018)

    Doom Retro always renders at the same resolution internally, then upscales to your desktop's resolution. It is supposed to look pixelated and old-school :D
  10. AnDoomEdit WIP (Android Doom Level Editor)

    Check the dates of the original posts! Anyway, this was never developed into a working level editor.
  11. Ultimate Doom tree driven into ground

    The haunted tree of E3M1!
  12. Where is your avatar from?

    1. Agent6


      I've actually mentioned this in another thread, but no problem, will actually retell the story again:


      I ran into a Mojo video of creepy moments in cartoons or something similar to this by accident and saw this Chernabog guy from Fantasia (1940) in it. I thought he looked awesome and quite the damn terrifying and badass in some sequences, which I loved, so I figured I might as well try to find an avatar with him, which I managed to do, and it fits very well with the forum's theme, despite being slightly altered. I think there are some filters on it, and the eyes are also recolored into light blue instead of their normal yellow.


      It's a pure coincidence with the cover image honestly, similar, yet completely unrelated. The avatar is ^, and the cover is from an album.

  13. https://www.gog.com/game/ion_maiden
  14. And in the future, where will you download Ion Maiden from? 15 years from now? (If you don't install Steam)
  15. They say on their website "ION MAIDEN will release for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux in Q3 2018. If you order now (Early Access), you'll be granted immediate access to an exclusive multi-hour preview campaign! (PC, Linux)." https://3drealms.com/catalog/ion-maiden_56/ So tell them that you want a Linux build. Anyway why the heck would anyone not buy it on Steam so he has it on the Steam account forever? 3D Realms is shady
  16. Hellscreen - Doom clone

    Better to avoid the console drama initially. Best way to go about things is to release the game in as good a state as possible on PC and get good reviews and get support fromt he PC crowd. Then you can port it easily, since it's on Unity.
  17. There will probably be no multiplayer, because they would have to fix eduke32's multiplayer first.
  18. On MAP02 you don't need it, I probably thought it was a waste of ammo. But when you meet the new monsters ... then you understand that you cannot live without it. I think id blew their load too soon, the SSG should have been given to the player later, after they kill an SSG enemy for the first time. Yes, I think id should have created a Super Shotgunner.
  19. Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/ A few days ago I noticed that one of the creators of the very respected No Rest For The Living episode, Russell Meakim "TheCastle", has a game in the making on Steam, it is in Early Access. I searched the forum but I didn't find anything, so I made a thread. Here is a dev blog of his
  20. Hellscreen - Doom clone

    I like Qbism's term of "meta-nostalgic" http://super8.qbism.com/
  21. Tell me [Half LIfe 2 rant]

    I don't understand either. Other companies protect their IPs like hawks! I get that Valve makes a cut of all the sales on their store but some of these fanmade bullshit will not sell well, it is crap, so we are talking about peanuts. Only Black Mesa is awesome! When the hell is it coming out though?!
  22. I only played a few minutes up to the point where you get on the street and it lagged like crazy. But I will take your word for it that it's big. They should change those strings.
  23. Crispy Doom 5.1 (Update: Jan 13, 2018)

    I think proper scaling came with the move to SDL2, so ... you will have to hope that something will come from this https://github.com/fabiangreffrath/crispy-doom/issues/240
  24. Ok ok back to Ion Maiden. Has anyone noticed that in the exe's metadata there are traces of eduke32.exe? It's pretty funny, it mentions the Duke Nukem copyright and that the original filename was eduke32.exe Also, that shitty mapster thing must really be dragging Build engine moddong back. Their community has nothing like a Gzdoombuilder, tsk tsk. I can't even imagine how time-consuming it must be to create big complex maps with set pieces for a Build engine game. The game's length will probably suffer.
  25. Crispy Doom 5.1 (Update: Jan 13, 2018)

    3.3 was the first that cut support for it, so I guess 3.2 was the last http://www.greffrath.com/~fabian/crispy-doom_3.2.zip