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  1. Looks like a reasonably interesting vanilla wad.
  2. Nice, although I'd make the green glow a bit more subtle so it doesn't look so "gamey". Also, can you make it leave a bit of non-glowing slime permanently? Now that I think about it, will you have permanent bullet decals?
  3. I agree. This isn't Counterstrike, there doesn't need to be a balance. The mappers just need to "force" the player to use different weapons for different circumstances. You use a couple of BFG shots to clear out a difficult Demon+Revenant ambush? OK, but now you have to dance around the Cyberdemon a long time until you kill him with rockets and the SSG.
  4. He said he does not intend to implement it.
  5. I use Scc1t2.sf2 because it is small and sounds close to a real SC-55 synthesizer.
  6. But first it has to be tested, so you should send your favorite tester (me) a playable build. Q1 2018 sounds optimistic, though, how fast are you working? Didn't you recently switch from sprites to models, a few months ago?
  7. You could make the saving of the game a bit of a process. Like maybe have a special "weapon"/tool that you use to spawn a mist-covered iron maiden and you get into that to save. And the tool needs a few kills to restore itself. So the player can't easily savescum or save while in combat.
  8. Can you make the models not slide as they walk?
  9. Can't you give them to you with the console?
  10. Time to plug my underrated stuff
  11. lmfao Dude, he is beloko and he is using his in-development version!
  12. Last year I played through the first couple of episodes of Duke Nukem World Tour edition ... well, after one point I didn't care too much, I just wanted a weapon with ammo, so I was pressing random keys like 7, 8, 9 etc. So many redundant weapons ... so many different kinds of ammo, I literally had no idea which sprite corresponded to which ammo type. Booooooo!
  13. Built in DEUSF and DEHACKED? Nice. But is there no way to use it with a launcher, like ZDL?
  14. Well, it supports demo recording and playback, right? So you can record a crashing demo? Oh, wait, maybe if it crashes the demo file isn't properly saved?
  16. You can easily edit wads and put your own music that works in them.
  17. Well, you can always add 2.4 in the next update. Unless it works great already? You know better than us :D
  18. It is the pistolstart console command
  19. Most launchers have the ability to show you the command line they are using, does this one have this, too?
  20. Sounds like maybe you are still using the doom2.wad as an iwad and the final doom wads as pwads. You should load for example TNT.wad as an iwad.
  21. Maybe prboom should work around that.
  22. Huh? And what was the name they were going for?