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  1. EDIT: IMPORTANT - if you've downloaded this map PRIOR TO 12:24am eastern on September 16th, 2018 - YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE MAP AGAIN. I fixed a very crucial error that I did not remember until just now. EDIT II: IMPORTANT - found a gamebreaking bug (9/18/18 - will upload a new version when I figure out how to fix it) EDIT III: IMPORTANT - new version uploaded 09/19/18 3am EST. Version number 10.05.63. Added 32 monsters, 1 secret, and several teleporters, and many supplies. Overall nerf to difficulty, map should be more balanced. Fixed several critical bugs, added several features, including the ability to travel between sections of Part III via teleport. Map more closely resembles the playstyle I'd envisioned. EDIT IV: Fixed another thing I'd overlooked. Same version number. Recommended to download the latest build, as of 09/20/18 at 1:51am eastern Edit V: Deleted 104 viles, added several other classes of monsters. Fixed some odd texture glitches. Map should be close to complete. Edit VI: Added like... ~700 or so monsters. Final count is 4358 with 52 secrets. I believe the map is fully balanced and very beatable. It's a good 3, 3.5 hours long, though. Edit VII: I just playtested the whole thing, found zero bugs. Beat the map in a little over 3 hours. It's good to go. Final updated download as of 09/27/18 at 3:35am EST. Version number 10.38.77 Edit VIII: Final bug tracked down and fixed thanks to Gorf. Edit IX: Updated version 10.39.78. Added in a thing or two to combat cheesing in a particular area. You know who you are, and you know what you would've done. :P Jupiter Station Redux Some of you may remember a little map I posted way back in 2014 called Jupiter Station. I had to abandon it for a good long while due to losing interest, but recently came back to it and spoofed it up, fixing a whole lot of the little gameplay issues from back then, and overall refining it a good amount. The core gameplay is still slaughter, but there's a loose story to it now. I've also learned a great deal more about mapping, scripting, etc... so I've gotten to do a few cool things with it now. Map Name: Jupiter Station (Redux) v10.05.63 Monster count: 4358 Secrets: 52 Areas completed: Three of Four Ports tested on: ZDoom (final release before discontinuation), GZDOOM v3.3.0 - play with any other port at your own peril. This is intended and tested on GZDOOM v3.3.0. Do whatever you want in the map. Freelook, jump, crouch, SR50, whatever. IWAD is doom2.wad, you start on Map01, it's a one map wad with a sneak peek at Part IV which right now is on Map02, but the final version will be in Map01. As I said, this is a slaughter themed map, but it shouldn't be too difficult, if you approach with with some thought, and don't just run in guns blazing (though you can do that too, if you want). I have not implemented difficulty settings, you will not get harder/easier gameplay if you choose HMP or ITYTD or UV. It's all one. Future plans: Once I get feedback, and fix up any/all bugs found by you lovely people, I'll again set the map aside for a bit (not four years this time), since I've been working non stop on it for months now, and am kind of burning myself out on it. Once I'm recharged, I plan to make one final area which should close out this map. Thanks for playing, and please leave any/all feedback below. It's much appreciated. Jupiter_Station Redux v10.38.77.zip Jupiter_Station Redux v10.39.78.zip
  2. The latest version of my WAD is playtested and ready to go. Since there are significant overhauls to the map, I've decided to changeover from 3.xx to 4.xx. This is version 4.15.38 http://www.filedropper.com/jupiterstationv41538b Fixes and changelog from version 3.77.74 - added 87 monsters, bringing the total to 1,087 - added 4 secrets, bringing the total to 17 - added several areas to the blueskull room, providing cover, ammunition, and escape from the monsters - widened and deepened the lifts in the blueskull room - moved the switches which control the lifts in the blueskull room - added an auxillery passageway from the top of the staircase in the Northwest, it provides one way access to the blueskull room - narrowed the entrance to the first SpiderMastermind's lair, this should ensure she cannot get out of her lair, providing an easier opportunity to kill her. - random bug fixes and linedef fixes I found Note: This will, I hope, be the final beta on this section of the map. I've overhauled numerous areas using feedback given by everyone. The textures and jarring transitions are meant to be that way, this map is meant to be an extremely difficult, challenging, disorienting WAD, designed to keep you on your toes the whole way through. If I've fixed everything to everyone's satisfaction, I will be moving on to creating the third section of the WAD. If not, of course, I'll keep plugging away at this section. The first public beta version was 3.46. Fixes and changelog from version 3.46 to 3.77.74: - fixed some stuck monsters that might not have been able to move - added health and ammo to the fight in the blue skullkey room - added a secret, bringing the count to 13 - added 68 monsters bringing the total count to 1,000 - fixed several sectors which would not open - fixed something I broke inadvertently (hence the new version) - fixed a few minor things which bring it in line with my vision. Thanks for playing, and keep telling me about bugs and stuffs! I'll edit the WAD with all that I/others find. Thanks very much everyone. Screenshots: Your first look at Jupiter Station The first battle you encounter Hell is creeping into the base: The second area of the map, look, it's a chaingun and some ammo! All those hanging bodies... better make sure you're not next Massive outdoor area Giant battle for the right to begin your journey back Back to the beginning
  3. The newest version of my WAD is ready to be playtested by you guys! I changed a great number of things, and am really looking forward to hearing what you think. Please be as honest and brutal as you can. However - keep in mind - the textures, floors, ceilings, etc... look the way I want them to. I want this map to be a blending of Hell and Earth, not one theme, but a mixture of the two. Thank you.
  4. Newest version of the WAD, version number 3.78.13, is posted. Reduced monster count in the blue skull room by 29. Did not touch any other area of the map. That seems to be the lone remaining problem spot for me. I want that fight to be extremely difficult, but also not tedious. Thanks to everyone for helping me out! Edit: I've had a brilliant flash of inspiration, and am rescinding 3.78.13. Thanks everyone for understanding and going through all these iterations with me. I'll post a revised version of the WAD in the OP sometime tomorrow, when I finish the new version. I think I've hit onto something here.
  5. That whole room is lined with walls which are see through, but block projectile/block monsters, so nothing SHOULD be getting through (except at the lifts). I've tested it and it works for me. I can add pillars and such, sure.
  6. Should I just get rid of the Arch Viles, then?
  7. I had a fun time with that, too, lol. Hence me adding in several stimpacks and ammo. What I did was hit all 4 switches to begin the perpetual platforms, then run to one of the 2 passages out of that area (yes, there's 2, one is a secret), then wait for whatever rode the lift up, and killed it. It took a good half hour or so just for that battle. If it's still too difficult, let me know and I'll add in something else to make it easier.
  8. Cool, thanks! I'll take some screenies tonight and update the first post with them. Not rude of you at all, thanks very much for the helpful advice, friend.
  9. tejdog1

    lookin for a friendly doomer

    I'm sure Sarge Mark IV regrets that. If not, he's a first class dbag and eff him. However - that ugly incident shouldn't reflect badly on what is probably the best mod for Doom, ever. I swear by Brutal Doom religiously. And I'm totally new here (like 4 posts I think) - so I have no dog in this "battle", never even knew it existed until just now. Brutal Doom is amazing/epic.
  10. I'm working on some quick fixes to bugs I just found playing it right now. I'll update the OP with a new version shortly. Edit: New version up! Please play and provide feedback!
  11. In the blue skullcard room - you have to hit each switch one at a time. I'm not really sure WHY that is - but it is. Maybe because I scripted it badly (I'm not good with scripting)