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Status Updates posted by MidnightMage

  1. Well since I'm now a senior member I thought I'd post this in celebration of the occasion. Enjoy.


  2. I always wondered what UP would have been like if Michael Bay was the director...

  3. So I guess I'm an Evil Member now. I'm considering not posting anything for a while to keep my post count the same and enjoy this new title. Anyone that bothered to check this status update here's a stupid video to celebrate the occasion.



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    2. MidnightMage


      Damn it I posted something already. Ok, well that was short lived. I'm no longer an Evil member and now I am a regular...

    3. SOSU


      Jesus....Blitzball is a sidequest most of the time and you need to do it just once in the entire game if you want to....and you don't even need to win that time!

    4. MidnightMage


      I honestly lost interest in the Final Fantasy series after playing through 9. FFX for me was a truly meh experience and I think a lot of it had to do with the artistic direction they chose to follow. Blitzball was just one of many annoyances I found in FFX.


      Titus's character was the most annoying protagonist I've ever seen and every time there would be a cutscene it would just irritate me to no end. Anyways, I could list out all the reasons I didn't like the game but I think this video sums it up much better.


  4. Today is a great day! After a brutal 4 weeks of stir craziness post surgery, I have been able to walk outside to the corner of my street! It is so incredible to be mobile again and enjoy this incredible weather! Still on the mend but I'm nearing the end of recovery thankfully!


    Have an awesome day fellow Doomworlders!

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    2. antares031


      It's so nice to hear that. Still, please take care of yourself until you are fully recovered.

    3. HeyItsDuke


      I'm glad you could get out a little bit, I wish you a good recovery.


    4. MidnightMage


      Thanks guys! I'm really looking forward to sitting on the patio and enjoying the afternoon!

  5. So it has been 1 week since my surgery and today I managed to walk on my own using a cane. Walking again was such an incredible feeling after being completely immobile. I can't wait until I can go back outside and breath fresh air again.

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    2. Doomkid


      I hope things continue to improve for you!

    3. Impie


      Just be aware that phantom pain is a possibility down the road, after you've healed up. I pulled my groin two and a half years ago and have to keep reminding my brain that it's fully healed and to stop being overprotective: the pains feel like I'm still injured and cost me a great job.

    4. MidnightMage


      Thanks for the heads up. I am really just dealing with this day by day and hoping that it doesn't flare up causing too much pain. At least today while it is treated it is becoming much more bearable. Time will tell if the doctors get me on any long term medications or not. Hopefully not though.

  6. lol. I remember exactly how frustrating that game really was. This isn't that far off.

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    2. SOSU


      Some of my favorite nes games are mighty final fight, gargoyles quest 2,castlevania 1 and 3,all the megamans and some others I forgot :)

    3. Impie


      It's unforgiving, and bland, and boring, and I hated it then, and i still hate it now.

    4. MidnightMage
  7. Hello Doomworld, I've just had a day surgery today and the doctor has informed me that I will require up to 6-8 weeks to fully recover.


    I was wondering if any kind folks out there would be willing to make some maps for me to play whilst I am immobilized and in recovery.


    Maybe this is in poor taste but would you guys be able to make  space themed maps which are fairly easy to playthough. Not really looking for overly difficult maps. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to some cool maps to kill the monotony. Thanks friends.

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    2. MidnightMage


      I will check that out. Thank you Impie!

    3. Fonze


      I dont have any good recommendations nor can I make you a map right now, but I might be able to speedmap something out for you in a couple weeks, time permitting. I wish you the best on your road to recovery and congrats on making it through the surgery :)

    4. MidnightMage


      Thanks Fonze! I appreciate it!