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  1. MidnightMage

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    ^ Wow! That's beautifully broken.
  2. MidnightMage

    [wip] Doomworld Mega Project 2021 (11 maps)

    Oh boy, now the only thing we're missing is a Chex Quest map...
  3. MidnightMage

    Good free-to-play multiplayer computer games?

    I would recommend Open Arena. It's sort of like the Quake 3 equivalent of Doom's Freedoom. It's definitely a classic.
  4. MidnightMage

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Holy shit! It looks more like Amid Evil than Doom anymore! Great screenshots Danlex! That's incredibly impressive!
  5. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Thank you for contributing it! It really fits the theme of the map quite well!
  6. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Thanks for correcting this :) I added the cobwebs and the mushrooms, etc were actually sprite replacements. The red columns, green columns, were replaced with varied mushrooms. There were a couple rocks added as well which were also added. Also, a midi track was provided by xdude_gamer which really fits the map pretty well I think. I've added this as well. Plus fixed the minor glitch with the fence in my sqaure.
  7. MidnightMage

    Starting format?

    Honestly, if you are really new to mapping. I would suggest starting with a limit removing port and mapping for vanilla compatibility. Once you get the basics of map design down, it's easier to starting adding on more complicated topics such as Boom or UDMF features. I would suggest if you are very new to mapping to start with the Doom 2 IWAD and try to make a simple limit removing map to get your bearings. Don't worry, we've all been there and it can be very frustrating and difficult to learn a new skill. But rest assured it's all quite easy once you have the basics down. edit. Never mind I just read your full post and saw you were already aiming for floating platforms, which essentially means you are aiming to map for UDMF. Well I guess I'd follow Redneckerz post and watch Chubs how-to videos. UDMF can be picked up by analyzing others maps which utilize UDMF features. I'd suggest downloading a DWMP map and study how people have applied varied mechanics in the different maps then try to apply those to your own map. Another helpful resource is the ZDoom wiki which contains a ton of information. Anyways, best of luck!
  8. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Ok, here's a reposted version with added cobwebs and some varied mushrooms and rocks as decorative elements. AngryQuilt3v8.2.zip I've noticed a weird vanilla bug pertaining to the leafy fence texture that seems to bring up strange colored bands. I'm not sure if this is a limitation of certain source ports to read textures past a certain length or not. There's a very noticeable segment which heavily uses this texture in SynDoom's square, in RUDE the bug appears to bring up strange colored bars all over the place. Does anyone know if shortening the texture would remove this weird graphical glitch in Vanilla-esque ports?
  9. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    If no one is working on this currently I'm going to do some changes. Please wait until I've reposted, thanks.
  10. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    I did a playthrough the latest build and found a ton of weird HOM effects and some gnarly looking bugs on some textures. Some even in my own square, I'd like to remind all mappers to test in either Crispy or RUDE. The map is really shaping up to be quite interesting. I'll try to set aside some time shortly to draw up a comprehensive bug list, but it's all pretty minimal all things considered. Also, as promised I'll add some cobwebs, mushroom sprites, misc nature stuff.
  11. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Yes that is correct. I'll add custom content sometime next week. Until then it's all yours.
  12. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    @ViolentBeetle the textures were added because some people felt it would be nice to identify who made which square. The tombstones are ultimately optional and don't have to be used if you don't want to add one. I wanted to touch base with everyone as I've been largely offline this week. I will post some minor additional sprites and a couple extra textures next week. No additional content will be added to the map after this. I am excited to try out the latest build and see how it's developed so far! :)
  13. This is the Angry Quilt 2, another Doom Community Social Experiment in the same spirit as the previous project. The idea is that there are 16 squares, which were selected by individual members of the community. Each square is 1024x 1024, and you are not allowed to exceed beyond the boundary of this square. You are only allowed to modify only one square and can do anything you want in any theme you'd like as long as it is compatible with Limit Removing Ports such as RUDE. The adjoining sectors may be modified by participants to better transition between old and new areas whether they are made into lifts, doors or stairs. Target IWAD : the Ultimate Doom map E1M1 Target source port: Crispy Doom, RUDE Resource pack: No new textures, flats, graphics, just stock Ultimate Doom assets Submission deadline: October 1st 2021 Idgames Link:https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/a-c/angryquilt2 Thank you to all of the below exceptionally talented mappers and contributors! Square 1: MidnightMage Square 2: SynDoom Square 3: ViolentBeetle Square 4: Bobby “lolmcswagger” Square 5: Origamyde Square 6: Snaxalotl Square 7: ThatWeNGuy Square 8: DynamiteKaitorn Square 9: stewboy Square 10: Noiser Square 11: Peccatum Mihzamiz Square 12: Worriedidiot Square 13: Weird Sandwich Square 14: lokbustam257 Square 15: CBM Square 16: Walter confetti
  14. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Thanks, I'll take it from here. Sorry for the confusion here, it wasn't listed clearly in the OP. Pistoolkip is correct and it wasn't allowed in AQ1. In AQ2 we allowed control sectors and found the end results made for much less cramped encounters. So to continue this trend control sectors and monster closets are absolutely allowed in AQ3.
  15. MidnightMage

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    As for broadening out the textures and forest themed elements, if anyone wants to do that in the next couple days they would be useable sooner. As promised I can add some but won't be able to add them this week.