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  1. So I guess I'm an Evil Member now. I'm considering not posting anything for a while to keep my post count the same and enjoy this new title. Anyone that bothered to check this status update here's a stupid video to celebrate the occasion.



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    2. Voltcom


      Damn it I posted something already. Ok, well that was short lived. I'm no longer an Evil member and now I am a regular...

    3. SOSU


      Jesus....Blitzball is a sidequest most of the time and you need to do it just once in the entire game if you want to....and you don't even need to win that time!

    4. Voltcom


      I honestly lost interest in the Final Fantasy series after playing through 9. FFX for me was a truly meh experience and I think a lot of it had to do with the artistic direction they chose to follow. Blitzball was just one of many annoyances I found in FFX.


      Titus's character was the most annoying protagonist I've ever seen and every time there would be a cutscene it would just irritate me to no end. Anyways, I could list out all the reasons I didn't like the game but I think this video sums it up much better.