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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx0hhihoi0bsyok/OBLIGE1.wad?dl=0

    3 maps designed using the latest build of OBLIGE.


    The catch here is that they've been retextured with some spiffy Quake 2 resources, they've got some rocking Donkey Kong music and a bunch of ZDoom gimmickry!


    I thought these were pretty fun so I thought I'd share em. I didn't really think that this content of this deserved a thread but if you want to try them out there's the link. 


    1. geo


      Needs screenshots.

    2. Voltcom


      I suppose that screenshots are the general practice but I didn't bother for these. This isn't exactly a serious project or anything just a fun little experiment.

    3. Tango


      I am really enjoying this :D here's a quick few screenshots for the curious: