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  1. Would anyone be interested in creating a series of interconnected UDMF maps with me? I'm looking to create a small Doom 2 mapset which would resemble something similar to the HUBS used in Hexen. PM me if you're interested or have questions.

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    2. Voltcom9


      No worries man, this would probably not be done particularly quickly because things done in one map would affect things in other maps. So it would take a fair amount of planning to properly set everything up.


    3. Dragonfly


      I'm open to talking about it, sounds pretty exciting to work on. Do you use Discord? :)


    4. Voltcom9


      I have not used Discord before. But could perhaps could start for this project. I'm aiming to create an elaborate ZDoom oriented projected emulating the HUB system mechanic from Hexen but using stock enemies and weapons from Doom. (Thus allowing people to play with whatever mods / or vanilla if they like)


      I'll send you a PM link of a rough version I've been working on containing an interlinked series of maps.