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  1. Is there any way how to make a spinning turbine on the ceiling like in Kzdoom6.wad? I tried to imitate it but it's still not spinning?

  2. If I could find a midi version of their song "Knife edge" Anyway I like that midi edition of Led Zeppelin's Kasmir that usedin NUTS.wad Also: Clausthrophobia MAP08
  3. When you don't find the perfect music for your wad so you use your tiny composer skill to make something

    1. bzzrak


      Going Down the Fast Way from Rise of the Triad.

      Fast way -- best way.

  4. I know it's late a bit but probably I will be able to contribute something for this. :D Sign me in
  5. 2 days before graduation...
    Quickly read through some notes than play some doom 2 mods

    1. leodoom85


      Have fun with the graduation. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance :)

    2. Ichor


      Just make sure your tests don't end up like this:


      36. What is the capital of Finland? 'Tei Tenga'

      37. What tune was used for the Star Spangled Banner? 'D_RUNNIN'

      38. Who did the Spartans fight against in the Battle of Thermopylae? 'Revenants'

    3. leodoom85


      39. What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 millions ago? 'Cyberdemons'

  6. Driv3r: not that bad game but the onfoot gameplay is horrible Fnaf series: overrated. Any gta clone game on android. Gta advence: at least they made it with top down view Sniper Path of vegenance: Buggy, cliche, ugly, Flappy bird.
  7. Watching a lot of Simpsons nowadays. (Mostly the older seasons)

    I enjoy it more than I did as a child.

  8. I've got three ideas for a zdoom wad but the there will be exams after 2 weeks

    1. bzzrak


      14/3 = 5 days per map, you can do it

  9. When your classmate inmadietly  shuts down the music that you listen to just because they want to hear some mainstream song ...

    1. Pavera



    2. bzzrak


      It's even worse when you listen to your favourite mainstream song and your dumbass classmate wants to hear some obscure d3@th tr@sh bl@K m3t@l because that's what r33l men listen to.

    3. Pavera


      It's good to learn this early: embrace all music regardless of the 'stream' in which it resides. You'll look like much less of an asshole, and you'll make a lot more friends. I really wish I'd followed that advice in my formative years...

  10. Recently watched Sausage Party.

    Make a movie where every second word is a cursing, Stuff it with "death" scenes, make some cringy adult only moment = this movie

    10/3 (at least the animaton was descent)


  11. I used to think that almost every megawad made by one person

    1. bzzrak


      It ISN'T?

      Excluding CP-s, of course.


    2. Doomkid


      When I played my very first megawad (dmd2die.wad), I thought the same thing. Soon as I peered into the Doom web and tried mapping for myself, I realized what an enormous undertaking that would be!

    3. Doomkid


      (damn inability to edit posts)


      I have made two megawads and many more small episodes are ver the years, so it just confirmed for me how much work it really is, lol

  12. Preview video (Map 04)
  13. Hello again Since 2016 march I have been working on a 9 level wad on/off but a few weeks ago I finished all the map layouts. However it's not done yet. I need some feedback because my ThingPlacement skill no so advenced. Also I need report if you find some bug during playing. Originally it meant to be a boom mapset but I decided to use Zdoom instead. (mostly because MAPINFO) Tested with Zdoom and Zandronum The story is simple. Our marine was sent to the near WaterFacility on an unamed island because the water support has been cut. He need to clean it from the evil before they make the country dry... okay I will try to make some better plot. :) Also there's a new demon variant that replace the Spectre (I find that invisible freak useless). It's blue (translated) and spitting proyectiles at you. Credits: Textures taken from cc4,Nightmare,Epic2,1monster Final boss's sprite taken from Valiant (credit for the original creators) I hope you will enjoy this. Link: ScreenShots: //sorry for the bad english