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  1. In a religious school
  2. Exams are done and Finally my comp able to run Watch Dogs correctly Pretty addictive to hack others online
  3. I rather spent two $ to the original
  4. I found a big pack containing hungarian techno-folk song midis I gonna use one of them for my map I will send to that Vinesauce contenst
  5. Driver Parallel lines Way better than the 3th
  6. Zombies TC for doom is pretty creative for 1995. Also Duke Xtreme for Duke Nukem 3d looks neat (even if it's some short of showelware)
  7. Never did a speedmap before but here's my really first try made in 58 minutes + playtest ROCKO Boom Format Music: Forbidden Zone
  8. Okay I tried to fix some problems and made some minor changes. Link updated
  9. It have currently 3 map (+1 end cutscene) but the main is map02 and map 3 (a boss map)
  10. Possibly forget to check "Repeatable action" as I used to I will fix that
  11. I got it from Doom Edplorer when I joined to some abardonned server using this mod It donwloads the mod automatically to a specific folder but I think its only zandronum compatible.
  12. Thanks This one currently in an abardonned state... Maybe try to refresh it later
  13. So is this means that non copyright OGG for a gzdoom map can be used ?