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  1. fixed
  2. During the summertime I decided to complete on of my older idea. The wad takes place inside doomguy's obsessed radio. It's mostly inspired by older wads that created for zdoom. After some hesitation I decided to publish it there to get some feedback. Maybe there are some bug I missed but I don't really dealt with it in the past month (university and other things...) Download A there is a credit list in the wad.
  3. a few screenshots from my map (waiting for monster/ammo placement)
  4. So I worked on a wad inspired by the oldschool zdoom wads.

    Releasing for feedback soon



  5. Rave.DJ is awesome

  6. Super secret settings
  7. I just tried OSU.

    Such a good timewaster

  8. Square rooms Copy pasted sectors Secret BFG No upper/lower unpreg Same light level everywhere Detailed toilet And it's called hotel of evil
  9. I should start my map for dwmp17

  10. The one from Realm667
  11. I almos finished a zdoom map but the only thing left importing costum textures into it. I mostly use cc4tex and it's easy to merge into but there are a few additional texture from chasmtex.wad. I cannot import those textures into my wad (I tried fit them into the cc4 pack and the TX_entries but some textures simply dont show up ingame) Any advice?
  12. All I need is a Bully 2
  13. After a long fight I finally activated Nt framwork 3.5 for gzdoom builder

  14. Finally able to play Saints Row 2 without lag