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  1. HUNdebLeonidasX

    What type of Wine (drink) do you like?

    The more i drink the more i despise wines that more than semi droog. I prefer white wine though i don't have any favorit.
  2. HUNdebLeonidasX

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    The lost experimental track of Beatles. Also beta builds of unreleased games
  3. HUNdebLeonidasX

    What are you listening to?

  4. HUNdebLeonidasX

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Dying Light, Far cry 3, Team Fortress 2 all the holy trinity i adore next to Doom
  5. HUNdebLeonidasX

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Count me in... I'm might have a chance later this year
  6. HUNdebLeonidasX

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Here's my attempt https://www.dropbox.com/s/se5076gep29kfhz/NANO2020.wad?dl=0 Nothing much to say. 3 temple based map for zdoom plus one additional map based on certain NintendoDs game.
  7. HUNdebLeonidasX

    Your mapping fears

    The amount of time i'll need to test the map.
  8. Don't have any foreign song I truly hate but here's one from our country.
  9. Here comes the sun Please dont mind the cover
  10. HUNdebLeonidasX

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Probably a nice way to finally make some vanilia stuff I going to take map 16
  11. HUNdebLeonidasX

    Favorite OSTs Of Any Video Game

    I have a lot so let me do it by adding categories Atmospheric music Metroid series + AM2R Axiom Verge Binding Of Isaac - rebirth Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ("Explorers of" entries) Subnautica Upbeat Music Doom and Doom TNT evolution Heretic Half Life 1. In pursuit of greed Rise of the triad (the original, but the remake is sweet too) Mafia City of Lost heaven. Just Cause 1 Ace Attoney and of course those sweet c64 tracks perfect use of licensed music GTA SA and Vice city Saint's row 2 RoadKill Mafia series
  12. HUNdebLeonidasX

    Do you like putting background music while playing doom?

    Sometimes listening to some online radio and waiting till they start playing "Dont stop me now"
  13. HUNdebLeonidasX

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    E1M8's track is overrated