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  1. Maybe?
  2. Link updated Finally i was able to use my PC so fixed the issues that told by EffinghamHuffnagel
  3. Lets see Doom2 D_RUNNIN but only the midi form. Map02: is that supposed to be a demon killing music? (Btw someone should use the salsa part as an intermission music). Doom: Okay I like the e1m8 track but I heard it to much
  4. Idk I usually make theese block the things out but It's just nice how miss them (Since I always tested it playing through the level fastly so I not noticed these but thank you to tell it)
  5. Link updated again
  6. I Will fix that when I get home Also I'll remove the lift in the Mancubus part because its unecessary
  7. Don't worry I fixed that unaligned texture on the 3rd pic Link updated
  8. My map out for testing. I'd like to hear some respond about the gameplay. Author: HUNdebLeonidasX Map name: Gun Down the House Compatibility: Boom Playtesting: PrBoom 2.5, Gzdoom 3.1 Allow jumping and\or crouching: Not Allowed Skill settings: desinged to UV Build time: about 10-12 days plus a few to fix things Tools used: GzDoom Builder Resources: A few texture from cc4 text pack. Music track: Midi version of Teenagers by My Chemical Romance Bugs: Alert me if you find one (anyway I tried to fix many i can) Comments: a small map where Doomguy need to get rid of the invaders in a hidden military dance club.
  9. fixed
  10. During the summertime I decided to complete on of my older idea. The wad takes place inside doomguy's obsessed radio. It's mostly inspired by older wads that created for zdoom. After some hesitation I decided to publish it there to get some feedback. Maybe there are some bug I missed but I don't really dealt with it in the past month (university and other things...) Download A there is a credit list in the wad.
  11. a few screenshots from my map (waiting for monster/ammo placement)
  12. So I worked on a wad inspired by the oldschool zdoom wads.

    Releasing for feedback soon



  13. Rave.DJ is awesome