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  1. Got a new asus computer but too bad it's dont support win 7 usb drivers


  2. Prodigy came to my town in Hungary tonight.


    It was an awesome night! 

    1. R1ck


      They came to kill the invaders. 

  3. How maintainers dont rejected that unofficial Plutonia sequel 

    1. Phade102


      Because its not a 'sequel' in any sense of the word. its someone using the name in an attempt to cover a blatant troll wad.

    2. bzzrak


      Did your beloved Plutonia 2 get approval from the Casalis? Yeah thought so

      I literally can't see why do you all hate it so much, I'm really enjoying it

    3. MarsHappyNation


      Bite your tongue, heathen! Bask in the holy glow of Plutonia 3.

    4. Phade102


      @bzzrak This guy helped on Plutonia 2? So hes just salty that someone else made a plutonia wad?

  4. I admit that moving floor is the best thing that boom provided to us

    1. MarsHappyNation


      Moving floor is godlike.

    2. bzzrak


      For me it's monsters falling off ledges

      fight me speedrun-freaks, fight me


      j/k, action 242 is the best

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I think monsters falling off ledges can be really fun if used to make it look like things jump in through openings in walls etc. ;-)

  5. I just found the a+ctrl combo in gzdoom builder

    The whole wad looks like some forgotten sequel of a successful movie
  6. Just playing with Just Cause 2 again.

    Expect from the stupid story and the dumb AI it's still a pretty enjoyable and impressive gem.

    1. Maisth


      I remember that game, first time i played it was on the X360 and it was brand new i was impressed by the size of the map and the freedom you had to get to one point and another

  7. Thank both of you. I would use that fakesector method but i am to lazy to adjust other floors to it. I decided to use a script that fade the screen when you hit the floor (like the player passed out) then the player wake up in the room under it.
  8. Hungary
  9. Okay...

    I jumped on the brutal doom v21 hype train

    1. Nevander


      Quick! Jump off before it derails!

    2. Xyzzy01
    3. MrD!zone


      This is the best post i have seen all week.

  10. I can't figurate how the make a teleport thingy that's make the illusion of failing down in a pit. I mean the player bumps into the bottom of the sector than teleports on the top of the other sector. Also how to make the action happens only if the player hits the bottom (the hole closed with a 3d floor but it's still teleport the player when it crosses the line.)
  11. I learned ACS from terry wads ...
  12. Need some help in ACS
    I want to make a script that makes a door open after pressing certain amount of switches and also write on the screen how many are left. (like in quake)

    However it's always display the first opportunity.

    here's my script



    1. R1ck


      I'm suck at this thing but I think you can revise Doom 2 Evolved wad. the said script was implemented on the first map.

    2. Albertoni


      The first line of the script is "viz = 1;" so it always sets it to 1. Move that line outside of the script, as a global variable.

    3. HUNdebLeonidasX
  13. I hope there will be some Binding of Isaac TC mod from doom in the future

    1. MysteriousHaruko


      Me too. I would create one, but I'm talentless and I have zero knolwedge in sprite creations and programing. 

    2. KVELLER


      @MysteriousHaruko Talentless? I can understand that talking about sprites, but I don't see anything else that couldn't be done by anyone with enough patience and motivation.

    3. everennui


      @MysteriousHaruko You're far from talentless. You know quiet a bit and I can really see a lot of potential from you once you got all the basics down. Join us for the Eagle Speedmapping Session this next time. Pretty please.

  14. E1M3 and E1M9 Map27