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  1. MortisCausaDonatio

    Random Image Thread

  2. MortisCausaDonatio

    DBP60: Eldritch Voyage

    Thank you for your work.
  3. MortisCausaDonatio

    Random Image Thread

  4. MortisCausaDonatio

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    Vice City's weapon pickup sound is underrated.
  5. MAP08 by @Azafran Completed MAP09 by @JacaCaca Uncompleted
  6. MAP06 by @senyaiv Gonna rewatch the maps I couldn't complete. Just want to try the others first too.
  7. I'm still not great to find secrets but I decided to see what challenges the other maps will give to me. Spoilers for the first 5 maps.
  8. MortisCausaDonatio

    Best sewer levels?

    Obligatory Sewer Complex from Postal 2 STP
  9. MortisCausaDonatio

    DBP60: Eldritch Voyage

    I fixed the accidental softblocks in MAP05. Until further update i put it here. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/7g9e40hg6svif7gxm3h3j/DBP_60.wad?rlkey=uyxox2pygpbs9e8wita9al4ud&dl=0
  10. MortisCausaDonatio

    DBP60: Eldritch Voyage

    Weird. Don't remember touching that door but might've accidentaly lowered it during the finalising. I check it out. Edit. I think i found it. An unused WR line i missed causes all the ground tagged 0 raise up. I submitting a fix. Sorry. Edit2. in the final phrase I tested the map with the wrong complevel. I trying to get around it. Sorry for the inconvience
  11. MortisCausaDonatio

    DBP60: Eldritch Voyage

  12. MortisCausaDonatio

    Random Image Thread

    The duality of self changing mazes
  13. MortisCausaDonatio

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    The battle of fire and the void... I bet to the latter
  14. MortisCausaDonatio

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovve4ybyisbwc6z/MAP20DoomSongHdLX.wad?dl=0 Since it was my birthday this week, I decided to revisit my map. It's more of a filler compared to the other maps I'm working on, so it's pretty much a 90s level. Added some doomcute decorations and a final fight at the end with the angry arch parents. The project is wrapping up nicely I see.