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  1. I believe that was North Korea's goal, yes. :P [/B][/quote]They're pretty smart then xD
  2. Rebdamon

    Jacobs ladder map

    Its a 1-on-1 but its really creepy. Theres no weapons besides pistol, and its hard to find the other player It's hard to explain. I just want to know if anybody knows what the point of it is.
  3. Rebdamon

    Jacobs ladder map

    Any one ever hear of this or play it?
  4. Rebdamon

    A HUGE Wolfenstein/Doom/Quake collection on Ebay

    wow the collection is massive.
  5. Rebdamon

    Doomworld Forums Adventures!

    I doubt it.
  6. Rebdamon

    Playing doom at school

    Yeah I live in Connecticut and its like that. I think it's unfair we cant use our phones at lunch. it's not like we're supposed to be paying attention to them while we eat lol.
  7. Rebdamon

    Things You're Surprised Nobody has Done Yet

    development of a pill that abruptly eliminates addiction. kinda unrealistic but ehh what the heck.
  8. Rebdamon


    aww shucks.
  9. Rebdamon

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    It looks like a great game!
  10. Rebdamon

    Playing doom at school

    your unbelievable, stop being an asshole. What's wrong with new members?
  11. Rebdamon

    Stuff that annoys you in the DOOM Community

    I know this has become a serious problem xD
  12. Rebdamon

    Playing doom at school

    haha nah i go by the name reb now :)
  13. Rebdamon

    Playing doom at school

    lmao i just forgot the password of my other account. I've been a member since 2011.
  14. Rebdamon

    The Cult of Slenderman Rises

    This is sick.
  15. Rebdamon

    Campaign to get the lost Keen episode

    Wow i'd love to see this be a success!