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Status Updates posted by A.R.V

  1. I heard that some person is working on a wad where you can play as monsters for doom64EX, similar to those other common wads like EMPATHY. It has been a long time since 2011 and he never made an announcement nor a link. I was wondering if someone can make a wad for both doom64 EX & TC that you can play as monsters please?
    Sorry if this bugs you.

  2. I decide to make a Thread/Blog to support the creator of "Empathy.wad". You could also share your ideas or replies about the "EMPATHY WAD", as long as I has to do with the empathy wad and NOT offensive commitments just like what happen with my amy rose in doom thread.

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    2. A.R.V


      joe-ilya said:


      Yes, Of course the whole match, any match.

    3. Clonehunter


      What is this about

    4. A.R.V


      Clonehunter said:

      What is this about

      THIS IS ABOUT THE PROBLEM I KEEP GETTING EVERYTIME WHEN I PLAY EMPATHY_1.4.3.WAD. I play multiplayer co operative maps with bots as well. Plus another problem about using this wad on multiplayer I had is that when you pick up another weapon you also get stuck with it, literally more than one way to get stuck with a weapon that is not part of the empathy wad(example:you respawn with a plasma gun instead of the weapon from the monster class you pick) and you cannot switch it back until you quit the game.
      Anyone please tell me is there a way to fix this problem?