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  1. A.R.V

    Need help setting up scripts for OPEN COOP.

    It's still difficult to make these scripts. I even tried to make 2 separate rooms like for example, I named the first room "Air-Locker Room" & I named the second room "Hallway". When I tested the map, all of the rooms are ended up being named after the second room which is "Hallway". I even tried to learn from the Tutorial maps and I happen to find purple block with the word "World-spawn" all over it. How do I have to make different multiple World-spawns before making rooms or am I not make the map's script correctly?
  2. I'm sorry for being a jerk back in 2014. :"( Will you forgive me this time? I can't seem to make the door from the first room close after all players leave the first room. I was hoping if someone who knows about OPEN COOP could please help me or teach me how to use the scripts for OPEN COOP properly? I appreciate your help.
  3. Isee someone else played doom64EX more than 1 hour and thier multiplayer coop went fine, how did thier coop server worked? Let's Play: Doom64 Co-Op [Doom64EX]: http://youtu.be/Sto51piWlZA
  4. When ever I play CO-OP on Doom64EX using its launcher it came with, every time when I pick up any weapon, it says "0" on every single weapons ammo display & I cannot pick up items like a ghost but I only pick up power-ups. Is there a solution to fix this problem or am I doing something wrong?
  5. It does have a multiplayer but it only works using its launcher program that it came with. I tested it out & i cannot pick up ammo nor weapons. Are there any solutions to solve this problem?
  6. I heard that some person is working on a wad where you can play as monsters for doom64EX, similar to those other common wads like EMPATHY. It has been a long time since 2011 and he never made an announcement nor a link. I was wondering if someone can make a wad for both doom64 EX & TC that you can play as monsters please?
    Sorry if this bugs you.

  7. A.R.V

    IWADs in Doom64EX Problem

    Is there a way to play doom64ex with different wads just like SkullTag & ZDoom? everytime when I run it with a different wad it ends up with a message like this.... -------------------------------------------- Z_Init: Init Zone Memory Allocator CON_Init: Init Game Console G_Init: Setting up game input and commands M_LoadDefaults: Loading game configuration I_Init: Setting up machine state. D_Init: Init DOOM parameters W_Init: Init WADfiles. ********* ERROR ********* W_Init: IWAD not found -------------------------------------------- Can someone PLEASE at least tell or show me how to run doon64ex with different wads?
  8. A.R.V

    IWADs in Doom64EX Problem

    By The Way, the EMPATHY WAD is only found on MEDIAFIRE not IDGAMES.
  9. A.R.V

    IWADs in Doom64EX Problem

    I also tried using "No Rest For The Living" Pwad & it does not work it that either. is there a list of pwads that will actually be compatible with doom64ex? thanks for trying, I appreciated it.
  10. A.R.V

    IWADs in Doom64EX Problem

    then why did the Pwad "EMPATHY_1.4.3.wad" did not work on the doom64ex? I want to play as the monster in doom64ex but it never works.
  11. Is there a wad that contains auto reloading rapid fired weapons like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL1ZWSaf0Eg Can someone help me find a wad like that please?
  12. I have both GZDoom AND SkullTag
  13. how do I patch it?
  14. well what is the name of the patch so I can download it right away?
  15. I decide to make a Thread/Blog to support the creator of "Empathy.wad". You could also share your ideas or replies about the "EMPATHY WAD", as long as I has to do with the empathy wad and NOT offensive commitments just like what happen with my amy rose in doom thread.

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    2. A.R.V


      joe-ilya said:


      Yes, Of course the whole match, any match.

    3. Clonehunter


      What is this about

    4. A.R.V


      Clonehunter said:

      What is this about

      THIS IS ABOUT THE PROBLEM I KEEP GETTING EVERYTIME WHEN I PLAY EMPATHY_1.4.3.WAD. I play multiplayer co operative maps with bots as well. Plus another problem about using this wad on multiplayer I had is that when you pick up another weapon you also get stuck with it, literally more than one way to get stuck with a weapon that is not part of the empathy wad(example:you respawn with a plasma gun instead of the weapon from the monster class you pick) and you cannot switch it back until you quit the game.
      Anyone please tell me is there a way to fix this problem?

  16. A.R.V


    I play this wad with my custom bots on offline multiplayer game. When ever I respawn, I ended up having a plasma gun & I cannot switch back to the weapon of the class I picked. Is there someone who can help me with this problem? Is there a way to fix EMPATHY 1.4.3.WAD'S bug? PLEASE REPLY
  17. A.R.V


    Could you add a co-operative version of the wad please?