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  1. Arch-vile90

    Slide Doors with bridges issues.

    Ah wow! I must learn more about ACS. Thanks!
  2. Arch-vile90

    Slide Doors with bridges issues.

    Damn, this hurt a lot. Adding some stuff does not change the situation because the wall is tall up to the sky. RIP slide doors. Then i must use traditional doors / lifts. So sad.
  3. Arch-vile90

    Slide Doors with bridges issues.

    Immagine one big floating rectangle with the sliding doors inside. You can walk in the roof of the rectangle but when you react the point where is the slide door you will find the invisible slide door here too. A the same time, floating monsters are free to fly anywhere, regardless of where the player is. Using the invisible bridge destroy all the map project because you can shot through the ceiling and this should not happen, since the idea is a walled roof ( and you can see it if you download the zip file ). I using UMDF format. Flags used. here you can see the door into the build, and here the bfg ball collide with the invisible wall. Such a great thing ( no )
  4. Arch-vile90

    Slide Doors with bridges issues.

    Well, i got a dumb problem making a dummy sectors involving slide doors and bridges and i hope will be not an engine limit issue. In summary: - Over the door slide it there is the bridge. - When the door is close it will generate an invisibile wall when i walk in that point when on the bridge. - This happen if i active the flag "Block everything" or player can pass it like a ghost. - DEAD POINT WITH NO IDEAS. I would like to find a way to be able to walk safely in the bridge so how can i do that? I uploaded the map file. Slide door + bridge problem.zip
  5. Arch-vile90

    Dark Universe wad. Released.

    Sorry for the late but my pc was sleeping for a long time ( GPU dead ). I understood your point of view. A new style of doom maps then. Well i like, despite hit and run, trap where you must kill them all or die and maybe is for this reason that I was skeptical but it's always good to try new formats so do well: continue with this style, so as to distinguish your wad from others. I downloaded the new version just now. Time to the dark universe!
  6. Arch-vile90

    Dark Universe wad. Released.

    All maps tested with a mod that have custom monsters + weapons and: - Maps are cool but often you run into wide empty areas; in my opinion, is better improve these rooms with decorations like tech stuff, lights, and more. - To many backbacks, really ( LOL ); - Textures are really cool. If you add brightmaps will be a masterpiece. - Maybe, MAYBE, but I was very much affected by the lack of doom-style keys and signs. what you have scripted for the switches is beautiful but perhaps a little out of place and you risk turning in circles for a while before find the way; - The almost total absence of an obstacle at the end of the levels (except the first). Current clashes can be clearly skipped running into the exit door ( so sad ). - No PlasmaRifle? Why?........ ( i've missed some secrets, maybe it will be here ). If you want to add some custom monsters, this a little monsters list that will work great on these maps: - Death Incarnate; - DarkImp; - Varius type of zombies; ( no rocket and no bfg: they are a finger in the @ss.... ) - Cyber Imp; - Hade Elemental: maybe you can use the Enanched Caco but the Hade Elemental will be a better work. You need a tester? You find it (Y)
  7. Arch-vile90

    Doom II: Purgatory

    When i read doom 64 atmosphere i was expecting a game of lights, tight rooms and scary traps with monsters but the wad is a mix of immense rooms and corridors lack of monsters. Also the lack of detail increases the vastness of empty rooms but this can be omitted; It does not care about the gameplay.
  8. Arch-vile90

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E3 (Surprise!)

    Wow back to saturn ep3!!! Launch the game; my reaction: wait what? Sadly, in my opinion, only a few maps ( 1, 14, 23, 27, 30 )remember me the real essence of what i think if i read back to saturn.......
  9. Arch-vile90

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    A very very and very cool mod; so beautiful that forced me to create a patch to enjoy it with my personal mod for a new level of experience into that nightmare atmosphere! Vote: 12/10!